best laptop brands of 2016

A Buyer’s Guide to This Year’s Best Laptop Brands

People are always confused about which laptop brand they should go for because there are a lot of them available in the market, and it can get pretty difficult to settle on just one. Competition is always on the rise as the tech giants are trying their very best to bring out the best possible device for the consumers. Due to different features, designs, resolutions, and operating systems, customers (which probably include you since you’re here) have to face the worst of it because it’s really tough for them to know which brand will fulfill their needs before actually purchasing it. Knowing that, we have devised a list of Top 5 laptop brands and have discussed their pros and cons. This will enable you to find the best possible laptop that will take care of all your needs.

Snapshot of Top Laptop Brands of 2016


The Undisputed Champ


Apple has been on the top of laptop food chain for a very long time, and for the right reasons as well. Almost every single laptop launched by this tech giant has received perfect or close to perfect scores. These scores aren’t easy to get when you’re in a huge market with so many competitors, but it still has managed to accomplish this feat, and that too quite convincingly. Audio quality of almost every Apple laptop has been stellar as users found them to generate just the right quality of sound. Keyboards and touchpads have also been a huge part of success for Apple as it changes it with each device it launches. In terms of designs, display, and reliability, the tech giant has every one of its competitor beaten. There’s no questioning the fact that Apple laptops are the best ones around, but there is just one problem, they are pretty expensive. However, if you have the money to get your hands on Apple products, then there’s no reason to miss out on the amazing experience on offer.

Mister Reliable


When it comes to reliability, Lenovo is the first name that pops into mind. The tech giant has worked day in and day out to build a great reputation for itself and it has become a force to be reckoned with in the laptop market. There’s an amazing support staff in place that resolves customers’ matters in an instance. Furthermore, the designs and display of Lenovo laptops are evolving with time, which means that you will only be treated with the best possible options. Lenovo doesn’t hold back when it comes to innovation and this has been its strongest point. Lenovo is available in different price ranges, catering to a large group of people. This brand is loved for its designs and displays, but what really catch the customer’s eyes are its keyboards, which come with wide key spacing and curved key shapes.

The Bold and the Beautiful


ASUS has been in the laptops market for quite some time and it knows what needs to be done in order to woo the consumers. The tech giant is always coming up with new designs which most people look for because they want to look good holding the laptop in their hands. ASUS is always willing to take risks and this is the reason it is continuously coming up with awesome designs. Furthermore, the keyboard and touchpad on ASUS laptops are pretty strong, which means that you can use them without worrying about them getting damaged. The audio is also really well done in almost all of ASUS offerings, but if you really want the best possible sound, then you should spend your money on high-end laptops. ASUS still lacks the sharpness of the screen that Lenovo and Apple provides. This is a major reason for it to be at the third number. Otherwise, ASUS devices pack some serious firepower.

The Comeback King


Dell had been lagging behind almost every laptop brand as its popularity was on a consistent decline. The company realized that without putting in much effort, it might get out of business really soon. This led to a lot of improvements, as Dell started to improve its designs, touchpads, audio, and keyboards. Although it is still not at the level of other high-end brands, it does look good, and this is what matters the most. Soon after making these enhancements to its devices, Dell started to receive extremely positive reviews from almost all outlets. People started to appreciate the company for putting in extra effort and coming up with something new and fresh. Almost every aspect of Dell laptops is improving, though the display still seems to be a big issue. Low resolution can be pretty annoying in the modern day. If you have used Dell in the past and suffered at the hands of a less-than-satisfactory support, then you’d be glad to know that the tech support of the company has improved a lot in recent months and is actually helpful.

Born to Serve Indiscriminately


HP rarely disappoints as it keeps on engaging customers with different designs with each having its own unique feel to it. The best part about HP is its support staff. It’s easily one of the best around. So if someone faces an issue, they just have to call the customer support and their problem will be resolved proficiently. Another great thing about HP is that it’s available in a lot of different price ranges, allowing it to cater to different niches. Not everyone can afford a high-end laptop, which is why they look for cheaper models that can do almost all of the tasks at half the price. Apart from design innovations, HP doesn’t really work on improving anything, which is probably its biggest shortcoming. Its keyboards, screen size, and touchpad are almost the same on all its laptop offering. This needs to be changed if HP wishes to climb up in the ranks.