Thimbleweed park

Thimbleweed Park Review – Best Point & Click Adventure Title for Smartphones

Most of the games that are created for smartphones are rather simplistic like endless runners or straightforward fighting games. However, Thimbleweed changes that by bringing us a game that’s actually worth your time. It has an amazing story, a slew of characters to play as, and some interesting twists and turns. It is basically a point and click adventure, which means that the game is quite linear and goes from point A to point B, and you have certain objectives that needs to be accomplished. The straight forward structure of the game keeps it moving forward, which in return keeps the user engaged in this mystery-filled adventure.


Without going much into spoilers, I’ll tell you that the game starts with you taking a role of person who is going to die soon. The game reveals that in the very first minutes, so the rest of the game is actually figuring out how that individual actually died. In that process, you will be taking control of different characters, which initially would have absolutely nothing to do with your first character, but as the story progresses and you get acquainted with the characters, you get to see this murder mystery unfold. Despite being a murder mystery, the game keeps a light tone, which really helps. There’s a lot of humor there and that keeps the users interested for a longer periods of time.


The visuals of Thimbleweed Park pay homage to old-timey 16-bit titles. It is not the best looking game out there, but it doesn’t look bad by any means. The environments and characters are quite detailed and in a game like this one, these are the only two features that matter most. The UI is pretty easy to understand as well – all the options you need are provided on the main screen so you can choose anyone you want without much of a hassle.


In terms of gameplay, there isn’t a lot there because as mentioned above it’s a point and click adventure. Most of the gameplay will involve talking to different folks, solving puzzles, taking items of interest, trying to figure which items is needed where, and so on. It’s basically like any other game in the genre, but what makes it great is its presentation. The story and characters are presented beautifully and they make the game even more interesting. As you play with each character, you get to know what really happened with the individual who die, which makes this murder mystery a whole lot interesting.


If you like good stories, then there is absolutely no reason to miss out on this gem of a game. Yes, the visuals are somewhat lacking but the story and the cast make up for it. A very few games come out on smartphones, which are considered must-plays, but Thimbleweed Park definitely makes that list.

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