This is Why Windows 7 is Still the Most Popular Operating System Around

Windows 7 came out with a bang. As soon as it started to roll out, people started to switch to it. As it turns out, majority of the users decided to stick around even after the launch of newer operating systems. Windows 7 is currently the most used Microsoft’s operating software, with more than 55% of Windows-powered desktop and laptop users preferring it over others iterations. This huge percentage raises a question of why people have stayed on the platform even after all this time and why they refuse to move on when there are so many other operating systems available. After a lot of research, here is what we discovered.

Easy to Use

After Windows XP, Windows 7 was the first operating system that came with an interface that was really easy to use. This attracted a whole lot of users, even the ones who were not using Microsoft’s operating systems before. The users want everything they need to be in front of them and Windows 7 made it happen. The interface was brilliantly designed, hence making it easier for people of all ages and interests to get accustomed to it rather quickly.

Fewer Issues

More often than not, operating systems come packing a large number of issues, but to everyone’s surprise, Windows 7 came with a very few issues. The users who migrated on the launch day were satisfied with their experience and gave pretty good reviews to Windows 7. This good reception and word of mouth spread like wildfire and soon after, most of the population had moved on to Microsoft’s latest offering.


Gamers know rather well that Windows Vista was a disaster as they weren’t able to run most of their favorite video games on it. However, things changed drastically when Windows 7 came out as it supported almost all video games. Windows 7 includes almost everything that gamers want, which has literally stopped them from switching from older to newer operating systems. They are opting for a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach, so nobody should expect hardcore gamers to move on from Windows 7 anytime soon.

No Options

All of the aforementioned features were present in Windows 7, but what really made people stick to it was the lack of options. Windows 8 turned out to be a huge disaster as Microsoft completely changed the interface. A large number of users couldn’t find or do anything, making them frustrated, which is why they decided to move back to Windows 7. People who hadn’t moved on to the newer operating system just read about all the changes that were brought to Windows 8 and decided to stick to Windows 7. Even years after its release, Windows 8 has remained a failure. The worst part is that it has even fewer users than Windows XP, which gives you a pretty good idea of big of a flop it was.

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