PS4 to get mouse and keyboard

This Keyboard and Mouse Set is Compatible with PS4

Now PC gamers will be able to play PS4 games with mouse and keyboard.

There are a large number of people who have been gaming on PC their whole life, but as home consoles continue to get enticing exclusive titles, PC gamers are getting more and more desperate to get their hands on those exclusives. However, they have been unable to make this transition because switching from the comfort of a mouse and keyboard to a controller has proved too much for them.

US based company HORI has realized that it’s a big problem, and has introduced a new keyboard and mouse set that would be compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

This keyboard and mouse set designed for PS4 is called Tactical Assault Commander 4. The keyboard contains all the buttons found on Dualshock 4 controller, including the touchpad, options, and share button. The functionality will remain the same, but now instead of using the controller, users will have keyboard and mouse at their disposal.

This is a huge deal for PC gamers as they have gotten used to keyboard and mouse controls, and it’s very difficult for them to make transition to a controller and analog sticks.

According to Amazon UK’s listing, TAC 4 will make its way to the markets on October 9 and will cost around $134. There’s no word on the US release just yet, but if the mentioned date turns out to be true, then US release isn’t too far away.


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