Three iPhone 7 Offerings to Launch in 2016

Three iPhone 7 Offerings to Launch in 2016

Apple launched two iterations of iPhone 6 last year, but this year they are taking a different approach. It has been reported that tech giant is planning to release three different offerings of iPhone 7.

The first of these iterations is simply titled iPhone 7 and it comes with 4.7-inch display, while the second one, called iPhone 7 Plus, boasts a 5.5-inch screen. Finally, there is iPhone 7 Pro which is said to boast same features as iPhone Plus, but with the addition of a “groundbreaking camera”.

This new camera is reported to use dual-lens system created by LinX, an Israeli camera-tech company acquired by Apple last year. It is expected to be better than anything available in market at the moment, but we will only believe it when we finally get our hands on it, which might not be long because the tech giant is expected to unveil its new products sometime this month.


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