tips and tricks for windows 8

Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

Windows 8 has been around for almost over half a year, but it has not been able to become popular among users like its predecessors. With the interface completely changed, users of the previous versions of Windows find it rather hard to use. But we are here to solve this problem. Here are a handful of tricks which will ease out the difficult creases of Windows 8.

1. Where Are The Apps?

Windows 8 is accompanied by a number of pre-installed applications. Right click on the empty part of the screen or hold the Window key , press Q and then select ‘All Apps’ to go to the screen displaying all the installed apps. Browse through them to find the one you need. Then click that app to start its launch.

2. What Else Is Running?

Do you want to see what else is running on your computer? Just press Alt + Tab and you will know it. Holding the Windows Key and pressing Tab would take you to a separate pane that displays all your running apps.

3. Simultaneous App Shift

The applications on Windows 8 run on full screen. But there is a way you can view two at a time. The last app that you were using would turn into a thumbnail if you’d swipe from the left. Place it at a comfortable place. Now you have two apps in front of you. The previous one appears in the pane while the current app uses the rest of the screen.

4. Privacy Customization

Windows 8 apps can use your name, location and account picture by default. If you don’t really like it, you can change your privacy settings. Press Win + I and then click Privacy settings. Disable the details you don’t intend to share from the screen that opens up.

5. Administrative Tools Display

For those of you who want their favorite applications and tools to be readily available without having to go through layers to find them, just follow a few simple steps:
Open the Charm Bar, select Settings, click Yes, and then click on the empty part of the Start screen.

6. Six Apps At Once

When you launch an app, it appears on the whole screen. This is not very presentable and many find it annoying. But you need not worry. You can bundle almost 12 apps up in one single package. This way you’d be able to use 6 apps at one time. In order to enable this feature, you need to download a toolbox for Windows 8. You can get it either from Windows Store or from here.

7. Craving for the Start Menu Button

If you don’t like the interface and want the old Start menu button really badly, there is some good news for you. You can have it back by installing Classic Shell. This will allow you to have something drastically similar to what you were yearning for.

8. Supporting File Types

What to do if the file type you need to open up isn’t supported by any application? Just right-click on the file and choose Open With. ‘Look for an app in the Store’ is the option that would automatically allow Windows 8 to search for a complementing application.

9. Regaining control of the Explorer

If your Explorer gets locked, no need to freak out. Just press Ctrl + Alt + Esc, select Explorer and click restart. You’ll regain control.

These were a few tips that would make your Windows 8 ride smooth and fun. Managing it well would help you settle quickly with various functionalities that Windows 8 has to offer.