Secrets of Mac Os big sur 2

Tips & tricks to uncover the hidden secrets of macOS Big Sur

Apple released macOS Big Sur in November 2020 and this latest version is revered as a monster release. This is the 17th and the current most exciting release of macOS, the successor to macOS Catalina. This is available to Mac users as a free software update.

Big Sur introduces some truly major features and a gorgeous redesign of the user interface. The update is packed with enhancements for apps like, Messages, Safari and Maps. There’s also been big privacy changes. Finally, Big Sur has been engineered to fully leverage the power of the M1 chip so that Mac users get the most out of their computers.

Initially, when older Mac models were updated with Big Sur, users complained of several issues and that their devices were being bricked up due to the update. But, Apple was quick to rectify and fix the bugs.

So, if you have uninstalled the update, it is time to reinstall macOS Big Sur. Then, take a look below at the awesome tips and tricks that will reveal the biggest secrets of Big Sur.

  1. Quickly know if your Safari password is compromised

Every once a while, you wake up to the news of a massive data breach and a huge number of compromised user names and passwords. You wouldn’t want to go through Apple News to find all of them because it is a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, Safari has a feature now that will let you know if your information has been involved in such leaks without much hassle on your part.

What do you have to do? Simple go to ‘Preferences’ in your Safari browser and click on ‘Password’. In this section, you’ll find a checkbox labeled ‘Detect passwords compromised by known data leaks’.

If you’re using the iCloud keychain support in Safari, cryptographic techniques will be used by this feature to check if your user name and password has been compromised. If so, Safari will suggest you a new password.

  1. Optimize charging and extend the life of your Mac’s battery

Mac users should know that charging your computer’s battery to 100% all the time is not a great idea. It is better to charge the battery to 80% so that the battery life can be prolonged.

But, it is not always possible to keep an eye on the level of charge when the Mac is plugged in and you’re finishing an important work. No worries because Apple heard your concern and added a new feature called ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ with the Big Sur update. The feature monitors when you plug or unplug your computer and analyzes that data to optimize battery charging. So, when you unplug your device, you will have a battery that is charged fully.

When this feature is turned on, you’ll see ‘charging on hold’ on your screen which means that Apple is cutting back the juice so that the battery life of your Mac can be extended.

  1. Tint the wallpaper for comfortable viewing

For working professionals, the current work-from-home situation (thanks to COVID-19) demands that you constantly sit in front of your Mac. This is why it is crucial that you can tweak its appearance for your comfort. While the Light and Dark modes have been around since the macOS Mojave version, Big Sur allows you to further adjust the Mac UI for reducing eye strain.

Go to the ‘General’ tab in System Preferences >

  1. Know how apps are handling your data

Your privacy is important and Apple believes that. The company makes it possible for Mac users to know how their data is being used. macOS has several features that ensure that you’re aware of all the privacy concerns. Big Sur 11.1 update introduced a new privacy feature that you may have missed.

A new section has been added to each app page on the App Store, called the ‘App Privacy’. This section will tell you exactly what data is being collected and sent to the app developer. You can use this feature to make informed buying decisions. Only those apps that meet the stringent criteria put in place by Apple for getting featured on the App Store do not have to list the data that is collected in App Privacy.

  1. Siri can give you air quality reports

Typically, Siri on iOS gets updated regularly, but not on a Mac. However, with Big Sur, Apple has finally come around to adding brand new features to Mac Siri. For instance, you can now get air quality report, via Mac Siri which was only available on iOS before the Big Sur update.

When you ask Mac Siri regarding the air quality for a particular location, it will respond to you with a report card that contains data for the different indexes used to measure the quality of air. You have to click the report to view it. Now that you know some of the amazing features of Big Sur, go ahead and update your Mac.