TITAN EDGE- The Slimmest watch in the Universe

It’s  Fashion and technology blend together in this extra ordinary series of Titan watches which was developed in 2000. As the name “EDGE”, it’s a well designed piece of work with a mere thickness of 3.6 mm and a wafer thin movement of 1.15 mm known as slimmest watch.

It’s a fully jeweled quartz analog movement with water resistance of up to 30 meter’s / 3 atm pressure, a feature unheard in slim watches. Some of the unique features of the Titan Edge include a state-of-the-art silicon chip that conserves power and doubles the life of the battery, and a specially designed step motor and a tremendous tolerance of 3 microns in some movements against the usual tolerance range of about 20 microns, demonstrates the extreme and exacting precision of the slimmest wrist watch in the world.

It’s a one piece case made from non-allergic stainless steel, and its Sapphire crystal makes it scratch proof. It’s now available in both metallic chain and pure leather strap. And 1-2 years of amazing battery life. Its price ranges from 150-200 USD. And they are available with rectangular and circular dial. The Company provides with a 2 years warranty for the watch.

slimmest watch titan

slimmest wrist watch

Even though titan has got many other series of wrist watches like Steel, Regalia, Raga, Fast Track, Technology, Nebula, Bandhan, Sonata, Octane and soon. The Edge series have put a Flag ship for Titan Industries in the International market.

And Titan Edge series owns a Guinness World record for The Slimmest Watch in the Universe.

Titan’s Chief Operating Officer of Watches Division says “The Titan Edge is a significant achievement and matter of pride not just for Titan but for every Indian as it reiterates our technological strengths and expertise as a nation”…. “With its combination of rare precision and elegant styling, the Titan Edge will leave an indelible mark in history”. Yeah off course he is right, we can say the world that we too have got some technical stuff.

The Watch is Recommended for the Executives of an age group of 25-35 and up to date the series is only for meant Gents (May be Ladies should wait for it ).

So, how many other watches like this will you find in the world? Zero. So go for it guys.



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