Top 10 Fiverr Gigs to get 1000+ Facebook Fan page likes to Boost Your Page

1000+ Facebook likes to boost your facebook fan pageThese days its quite hard to get facebook likes if you have started a new page. The initial stage of any kind of service / Business is quite hard and slow. With less marketing and advertisements  your page or website is rather going to be dead or invisible.  People mostly use Facebook pages as a means to show their popularity and their supremacy over other similar niche pages.  For a new website Fan page its really hard to get initial likes , and the process is very hard especially the 1st 100 likes for a page.

Even after inviting over 2000 friends to like the page you might get only around 50 responses or maximum 100. This is quite annoying sometimes , cause you might have spend a lot of time clicking on each person when you invited them to like the page but in return you get very less response as likes. You may have asked your friends to help you , even after that there is no hope.

Why you get Less Likes to your newly created Facebook Page?

  • You Facebook Page is unpopular :  One of the reason for getting lack of likes to your newly created facebook page is lack of popularity. Think it as, a person that you know had asked you to buy his service and you have never heard of his service before. Will you buy it? Most probably no , this is cause people are more likely interested in popular stuffs, so in the initial stage its a real must that you should promote your product or services as much as you can. You can use Facebook ads to boost up your page popularity in facebook or even post relevant updates to your page and thus get popular in time.
  • Your Facebook Page has Less likes : The most major reason for getting less likes for a newly created facebook page is due to the fact that your page is having less likes. Take for instance, you have given 2 similar pages one is having more likes and the other one is having less amount of likes, which one are you going to like ? If i was you I would liked the page having more likes.
  • Your Page Doesn’t have the factor X : There are somethings that people are more interested about compared to others. As per my survey people are more likely to like a “love Quote Page” or a celebrity fan page compared to a website page. There is no particular reason for it and the pages like celebrity pages have more X factor compared to a website page which makes them more liked by people.

How can I Boost Page likes for my newly created Facebook Page?

So as now you know the reason why a newly created page has a starting trouble , its time to get to the point.  As you all know , during a startup of any project the Owner has to do some kind of magic for boosting their service. This can be in the form of marketing the service , spending lots of money over advertising , etc . Similarly for facebook pages , if the page owner buys some initial likes , it will instantly help in boost up the liking process. Think it in this way, your newly created facebook page got around 1000 Likes within a week and now your page looks popular , people who didn’t used to like before will like your page even without you requesting them to like. Your page likes per day increases since people seem to find the X factor in your page and soon the likes will catch up a good pace and since Facebook likes add up the page popularity you need not spend extra money for marketing your page. So in total its like a best option for a website startup.

So now the question is how and from where you can buy 1000+ facebook likes easily? The best place I can suggest you for this kind of work is Fiverr. Why ? because you get a good quality service with very less investment. There are people in Fiverr who provides you high quality design works for just 5$ , which will cost you around 100-200 $ Elsewhere. So before I started this post I had already collected some Awesome gigs that will provide you 1000+ Facebook Fan page likes , Website likes , photo / status likes for just 5$. All these Gig’s are top gigs and you wont regret paying Money for buying Facebook likes ever.

Top Fiverr Gigs to get 1000+ Facebook Fan page, Website, photo or status likes

1) 1000+ facebook likes to your fan page,delivery from 2 to 24hrs.

2) 1000+ facebook fans likes to your fan page & boost fan page likes number and edgerank.

3) 900+ guarantee facebook fans, facebook likes to your FACEBOOK fanpage without admin access.

4) 1000+ facebook likes and 500 Facebook subscribers on your profile within 4 hours.

5) add 1000+ Facebook Likes on your page within 5 hours and I will post anything you want on my 50000 Fan Page.

6) 1000+ Facebook REAL likes/fans on your Fan page Facebook or website.

7) 1000+ Facebook like/ facebook fan to any facebook page, facebook site, facebook photo and TWEET your page to 30,000 real twitter follow.

8) 1100+ facebook like to any facebook page,facebook site, photo in 48 hour and TWEET your page to 30,000 real twitter follow.

9) EXPRESS 1000+ facebook likes/facebook fans, no admin right need, average delivery 12 to 24hrs.

10) get 1000+ facebook likes and 500 facebook subscribers on your profile within 4 hours.

That’s not it , there are over 40 more similar top rated gigs which are completely dedicated in selling Facebook likes. Most of the above mentioned gigs will only provide you Facebook likes from fake Facebook profiles. But there are many gigs which provide real targeted facebook likes in Fiverr but they ask you more payment per likes. Even though some of the likes provided by the above mentioned gigs may be from fake facebook profiles , you may never receive an initial boost up to 1000 likes much simpler and cost effective way than this.

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