Top 10 Most Expensive Games in the World – You Can Play

People complain that they aren’t getting a lot of games these days and that’s a very legit concern. However, you have to understand that making video games is not a cheap task. A lot of budget goes into paying the staff, creating the engine, and most importantly, doing the marketing. Not all companies have enough resources to spend, so the project has its highs and lows, which ends up taking a lot of time. Some developers however, are blessed. They have unlimited backing and can make anything they want without worrying about the cost. The games that received blank cheques and became the top 10 most expensive games in the world have been outlined below. Never miss these top 10 Most Expensive Games to play.

Final Fantasy VII

In 90s, budgeting was as minimal as it could be, but Square Enix didn’t hold back on Final Fantasy VII and spent over $145 million on its making. This gamble paid off and the game sells even to this day. The game was in so much demand that developers have decided to completely remake it for the new consoles, and we may see a release of it later this year.

Shenmue II

Shenmue II was one of the most expensive games of its time. The developers spent more than $132 million on its making and marketing. This high budget allowed developers to add everything they wanted, turning Shenmue II into one of best games of all times.

Too Human

Despite being exclusive to Xbox 360, Too Human was marketed a lot, which ended up costing $100 million to make. The game wasn’t as big of a success as Microsoft would have hoped for, but it still was a brilliant title that deserved a bit more love from the consumers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The developers behind The Old Republic wanted to make a perfect Star Wars games, but that wasn’t going to be an easy task. The developers realized that and ended up hiring over 800 people on the project over the course of six years. This long development cycle and excessive marketing ended up costing $200 million dollars, a figure which was unheard of back in 2006.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

After the success of Modern Warfare, Activision knew they had to do something big with the sequel and they did. They spent over $50 million on its development and more than $200 on getting the word out. They really wanted this game to succeed so they marketed it in the every corner of the world. It did cost them $250 million, but in the end it was worth it because the game ended up making way more than that, and the name Call of Duty turned into a household name.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV came out in 2008, and at that time, there was barely any game consuming most of company’s budget. However, Rockstar Games are quite blessed. Almost all of their games have been a success so they were not short on cash. They spent over $100 million on the making of Grand Theft Auto IV, which was a huge gamble, but it paid off. The game was commercial and critical success and paved the way for Rockstar to try out new things. They then went on to create other games with huge budgets, which we have discussed below.

Red Dead Redemption

Success of Grand Theft Auto IV opened the doors for Rockstar Games to try out new things without worrying about the budget and that’s exactly what they did. They introduced a western called Red Dead Redemption, which didn’t pique as much interest as developers would have liked. However, they still spent $100 million on it, and when the game came out, it was a huge success. Not as big as Grand Theft Auto, but still became a huge deal.

Max Payne 3

Rockstar was known for their open world games, but they went completely different route with Max Payne 3. To appeal to their hardcore fans, they knew they had to introduce some hardcore themes, a well organized story, a well-known cast, and do a whole lot of marketing. All of this required money and they didn’t hold back. They went all in. They spent on the game’s marketing, its creation, its story, its voice acting, and of course on the developers so that they can come out with the best possible product. The game ended up costing $105 million, which was a huge deal. Max Payne 3 turned out to be a huge critical success, but it wasn’t able to make as much money as Rockstar would have hoped for. Luckily, they had Grand Theft Auto V coming in the next 18 months.

Grand Theft Auto V

Then Came Grand Theft Auto V, on which Rockstar spent over $300 million. This kind of budget for a video game was unheard of and a lot of people thought that this would mark the end of the company. Not even big budget movies incur that much cost, so how can a video game company hopes to survive after spending this much. However, stars were in favor of Rockstar. The game was received incredibly well amongst the critics, and it did a business of $1 billion on its launch day. Yes, you read that right. The developers managed to recover their cost and turned their game into profit within 24 hours.


Destiny is the only non-Rockstar title to get unlimited budget and they went crazy with the money they received. The developers incurred over $500 million on Destiny, and were hoping that it would match the commercial success of Grand Theft Auto V. Destiny, however turned out to be a critical failure. However, that didn’t bother them much, as they were able to recover their cost of $500 million in the launch week. The commercial success gave them confidence and they went on to create new content for the game, which turned out to be better than the actual game, and sold incredibly well. Over the course of two years, the developers have earned three times of what they spent on the game, and are now working on Destiny 2, which most likely will have huge budget, and may make the most expensive games list, the next time we write it. Destiny 2 is on number of these top 10 Most Expensive Games.