top music players for android phone

Top 4 Music Players For Your Android Devices

By now Android has become world’s most popular mobile operating system, with a mobile market share of over 81 percent. This hardly comes as a surprise as there are thousands of apps for downloading music, staying fit, keeping calorie count, doing work tasks, managing business and employees, booking flights, shopping online, and doing so much more.

This is the only reason why Android is getting more and more popular day by day.

If you are an Android user and a bit of music freak, here is something very much important for you. You are going to see a full list of the most amazing Music players for your Android devices.

1. RealPlayer

The most popular and easy to use media player is RealPlayer and I think you all might well aware of this player. Android is providing this player to let use it for free. This player would allow you to let listen to your favorite music, Videos, and photos. All the media related stuff can be seen by this player and most of the Android users have been using this player for better use of the media stuff.

2. Winamp

The second most popular Music player is Winamp and it’s a very popular media player for all the Android users as well PC users too. Winamp is one of the oldest media players and if you are an Android user you are allowed to download this super amazing player on your Android device. Many amazing features are there with this player like more than 10 band equalizers, fully customized home screen, many widgets, lock screen playing with wireless media sync. The only lack is that you are not allowed to watch any kinds of videos or photos through this player.

3. Jet Audio Plus

Jet Audio Plus is the all new media player for Android users is here with some of the amazing features and functionality.  This is the only player which can set up your music itself and will provide you a sense of good music. Most of all kinds of files can be played by this player. Files like .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx and some others too.

Talking about some more features of it, it has more than 32 equalizers presets to change the mood of the specific song including some more functions. Plus it can browse songs from playlist and music can be chosen by artists, albums, songs, playlists and folders. In short, this player packed in all in one. This player is not for free, you have to pay out $2 for downloading this App.

4. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player has just announced with an update it goes viral and sets in the most popular media player for Android devices. You are allowed to listening to your favorite music, Videos and some other media stuff with almost all kinds of file formats. You can add or remove whatever you want to from this media player with an ease of use. Rocket Music Player has crossed the number of over 1 Million downloads and still counting. Many impressive features are here in this app with iTunes sync capability.

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