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Top 5 Android Apps for Students

Students have a lot on their plate during the regular days, and this plate becomes incredibly heavy during the time of exams. They get buried under the stress and are unable to even think clearly. This leads to frustration, which obviously is not helpful for a student who has to study day in and day out to achieve the best possible outcome. To make this frustrating phase a bit bearable, developers have come up with a lot of apps. These apps help students in arranging their work, keeping their important files in front of them, helping them keep notes, and a whole lot more. In this article, we will take a look at 5 Android apps for students that will make students’ life much easier.


It’s a simple yet very useful app. It allows students to create to-do lists that focus on the goals for the day. With its unique design, they are able to keep track of what needs to be done with ease. Furthermore, this app allows collaboration, meaning students can share to-do lists with their friends at school so that they can know what you have been up to. The best part is that you can attach video, audio and image files with Any.Do app, a feature that comes in real handy. It even supports voice commands for adding things to the to-do list. In the exams days when the pressure is high, arranging stuff through this app can prove to be a big help.


A large number of notes are handed out at school and colleges, and it can get pretty difficult to have all of them on all devices and at all times. Luckily, students nowadays have got the Dropbox app that allows them to store all of their important files on it and then access it from any digital device with internet support. This removes the need for carrying laptops or a bag full of papers. This also helps students reduce their files as they know that all of the important stuff is present in the Dropbox folder.

With lack of time available for students, it’s difficult for them to search about their interests every few minutes. With, however, this process has been made a whole lot easier. Students just have to subscribe to their favorite topics through this app and all of the related content will start to show up on their feed. This saves time and provides students with the required information without too much of a hassle.


Math can be an incredibly difficult subject, but luckily students have the Mathway app to save the day. It can help them with almost all of their math problems. With the help of this app, students will be able to learn how to perform each step of the given question and how to come up with the right answer. The users just have to put questions into the available space and it will solve the equation by doing each step. The step-by-step guide is available for geometry, algebra and some of the other mathematical problems.

My Study Life

This app is specifically crafted to help students keep track of their classes, exams, presentations and assignments. They can add their schedule to it at the beginning of the semester and it will keep them updated throughout the semester. The students will be able to add other headers into it like projects, assignments, exams etc. This will help them keep track of what’s coming up next in different classes without doing too much research.

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