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Top 5 Cloud-Based Project Management Applications for Business

Most enterprises are quite aware of the massive benefits of cloud computing. Interestingly, small-medium enterprises today include cloud-related spending in the regular IT budgets. While the cloud server rate increases, enterprise applications were also migrated in the cloud, and project management apps were not an exemption.

Productivity, effective customer relationship, affordability and accessibility are few of the substantial motivators why enterprises invest heavily on project management apps. The fast advancement of cloud computing gave developers the opportunity to build functional cloud-based project management apps that are currently being used worldwide.

1.Salesforce Work – this application was created for a specific purpose – sales – that’s the heart of its features. Salesforce Work is one of the most sought-after CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications that suit small-medium market and enterprise organisations for sales and support.

It is capable to track customer engagement, delegate assignments to the team and create a plan for a project. It allows an organization to create goals and measure performance. Partner with a reliable cloud service provider that supports Salesforce Work to maximize its features. Pricing per user starts at $10/month.

2.SugarSync – smart people always have contingency plans for backup and storage, and if your organization works with a fragmented mobile workforce, you can always count on cloud-based storage platform such as SugarSync. This application can sync your files across devices and is quite capable at handling projects regardless of location and time.

One of the benefits of working on cloud-based apps is the ability to collaborate with other team members remotely. It’s easier to finish projects and assign tasks to team members while working. Pricing for three years starts at $55/month.

3.Basecamp – this cloud-based project management app is perfect for the team to collaborate with the projects in a structured environment. It’s one of the simplest applications you can use to quickly create and assign tasks to members.

It uses a web-based system where startups can actually avail a free account for basic features. Basecamp’s notable feature is the centralization. All the discussions, information, tasks, scheduling and other questions are included in the project. You can avail a free account or get the starting flat fee of $20/month with unlimited users.

4.Asana – is a cloud-based project management app for team members. It helps the whole team get things done together, allowing the project manager to create and assign tasks for each individual and automatically syncs all the information for effective workflow.

Similar to Basecamp, iOS and Android users can access shared tasks for better communication and collaboration. It’s highly recommended for startups but not suited for complex project management.

5.Milestone Planner – to keep up with everyone’s progress, Milestone Planner helps you track your team member’s progress, tasks and deadlines. While it lacks some of the complex design features compared to the above-mentioned apps, you can create reports for executives.

You don’t have to install software to use this app, so start delegating tasks and track your members’ progress for free or avail its professional edition for $9.00/month/account.

Will Tang is a tech addict who’s looking at ways to streamline business performance using cloud technology and other new services.

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