best android download managers

Top 5 Download Manager Apps for Android

Download manager apps are designed to inject convenience into the process of downloading files on mobile devices. This is accomplished through multi-pronged functionality, ranging from acceleration of downloads by splitting files into several sections to resumption of broken downloads in case of Internet failure. Web browsers with similar features rarely match up to these specialist apps in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Under The Hood

There is a wide range of download manager apps available in the Play Store. Although the basic concept behind these apps is the same, the way they go about realizing it and the extent to which they deliver the goods is quite different. While gauging download manager apps, the following features and capabilities are considered:

Download Acceleration

This generally involves the splitting of a larger file into small sections and downloading them simultaneously.

Pause and Resume Downloads

The ability to pause downloads when needed, or resume them in case they get broken due to an interruption in Internet connection.

Audio and Video Grabbing

The ability to download audio or media formats from websites.

Website Grabbing

The downloader manager app intercepts links and consequently downloads from website or browser.

Queue Processing

This allows several downloads to be started in parallel.

Scheduled Downloading

Scheduling allows user to download according to scheduled plans and manage bandwidth/data plan better.

Impose Speed Restriction

The speed restriction feature helps in managing bandwidth.

Integration with Browsers

The download manager app needs to become one with the browser to perform its function.

Supported File Size

Maximum file size that the download manager app can handle.

Customer Support

Available help for users who run into a problem with the app or end up confused about its features.


A factor relevant for most users.

The Testing Lab

We scouted Play Store to pick out some of the popular download manager apps for Android and tested them out to see how well they meet the aforementioned criteria. We’ve summarized the results in a simple comparison tool below.

best android download managers

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of the best apps of its kind that you can get for your Android device. Heavily loaded with a wide range of features, it serves its purpose exceptionally well. Aside from letting users control, manage, schedule and queue download large files, it splits up the files into smaller sections to download them simultaneously, thus giving the download speed a noticeable boost. The option to limit the download speed for each section of the split file is also available, thus offering even greater control. As expected, the app also comes with the ability to resume broken or interrupted downloads automatically when the Internet connectivity is back, or download audio and video content from sites. Advanced Download Manager comes with an integrated browser, as well as support for various other browsers, including the Android Stock browser, Chrome, Dolphin and Boat. To sum it up, you simply can’t go wrong with Advanced Download Manager.

Loader Droid

Loader Droid is a popular choice of app among Android users looking for greater control over downloads. The app comes with equipped with the basic download management features, including download acceleration through splitting of files, resume interrupted download capability, and queuing of downloads. It further allows user to manage bandwidth allocation by limiting download speed and download according to planned schedule. Loader Droid has the ability to grab audio and video content from the sites, and intercept download links directly from various browsers. The app is also powerful enough to handle a file of any size. There is hardly any area in which the app is lacking, though we wish the price tag was a bit easier on the pocket.

Turbo Downloader

If you’re searching for a fast download manager app for your Android, then Turbo Downloader is just the answer that you’ve been searching for. It has the capability to boost download speed up to five times. If this wasn’t enough, the app supports unlimited file size. Most of the features that have become a standard on download manager apps are also present in Turbo. The arsenal includes audio and video grabbing, website grabbing, resume interrupted downloads, speed restrictions on downloads, and support for various browsers, which include but is not limited to Android Stock browser, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin and Boat. The app is indeed developed around the concept of fast and convenient downloading capabilities on the Android, though using it at its full potential involves a small learning curve.

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android does exactly what the name suggests, and it is pretty good at it too. Managing downloads on the mobile platform sure does get injected by a heavy dose of convenience. All the basic features that one would expect from an app of this kind are present, be it download acceleration, resumption of interrupted downloads, audio and video grabbing, website grabbing, support for threaded parallel downloads and large files. Download Manager hardly requires integration with other browsers as it happens to be a browser itself, only with the addition of download management capabilities. Aside from these essential features, the app supports Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Twitter search, something that has more to do with it being a browser than a download manager. Overall, Download Manager is a great choice of app for users who want a decent browser with reliable download management capabilities.

Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro serves its purpose of managing downloads on the Android platform quite effectively and efficiently. It is a feature-rich app, equipped with all the standard download manager capabilities. The long list of features includes download acceleration through simultaneous downloading of multiple files, resumption of interrupted download, audio and video grabbing, website grabbing, and support for a variety of browsers, including Stock browser, Dolphin, Skyfire, and Boat. The user interface of Easy Downloader Pro is pretty accessible, while using the app to its potential doesn’t involve a steep learning curve. It’s a great app that successfully delivers what it promises.