education apps for iphone

Top 5 Educational Apps for iPhone

Looking for an education app to enhance your learning whether you’re at home or on the go? Well, the App Store has a lot to offer for you in this regard, with thousands of educational apps at your disposal. In order to save you from the overwhelming amount of choices, we’ve picked out five of the best education apps for iPhone that have the potential to serve your educational needs exceptionally well.

1. Duolingo

Learning a new language is a really tough job, especially when you have to learn in an environment where your mistakes are made fun of and laughed at. If you want to learn a new language but are a bit shy to get enrolled in language learning class, then Duolingo is what you need. It is a free app that teaches different languages in the easiest way possible without having to worry about others affecting your confidence.

2. TED

Those who are already a fan know how TED is changing the way we think by sharing innovative ideas of people from different parts of the world. Well, you can now get access to its library of 17,000 TED talks through your iPhone. So, pick up your device, download the app and start watching some of the great presentations from people belonging to different walks of life. There is always something new to learn in these videos. The app is free of cost, so there is really nothing to lose and certainly lot to gain. TED may not teach you how to learn Math or increase vocabulary, but it increases your wisdom and opens your mind, something not every educational app offers.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers courses in a variety of disciplines such as computer programming, project management, music, psychology, marketing, etc. from different universities across the world. You will also be given certificates on the successful completion of these courses. You can easily improve your C.V by completing courses related to your education or job. The fact that it is free of cost makes it a must have app for those who are eager to learn new things and make themselves even more appealing to their potential employers.

4. Wikipedia

There are surely hundreds of educational apps, but Wikipedia has its own place. With 32 million articles in more than 280 languages, Wikipedia is serving us all in a way very few apps ever had. So if you are the kind of person who is always looking to know more about everything, then you must have a Wikipedia app installed on your device. Guess what? It’s free of cost.

5. BBC Knowledge Magazine

BBC Knowledge Magazine app for iPhone is a great way to enhance your knowledge about everything and everything. The app consists of well-researched content written by the international experts to stimulate your mind. You can get to know a lot of things on various topics, including but not limited to, technology, space exploration, archeology and natural history.