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Top 5 Entertainment Apps for Android

What’s the point of having an Android smartphone if you can’t have fun? This is why we have come up with this article that will go in detail about five of the best apps available to cater to the entertainment needs of users. There is something for everyone, be it music, movies, or funny images and videos. By getting your hands on all five entertainment apps for Android mentioned below, you’ll forget what boredom feels like.


If you like to stream TV shows and movies, then you just have to get your hands on Netflix. This app is filled with a ton of content that is available to you at all times. You can catch up on the TV shows that you have missed out on or you can give new ones a try. This streaming service has something for the people of every taste. You will only need to pay the subscription fee and you are good to go.


Soundcloud is another streaming service, but instead of streaming TV shows and movies, this app focuses only on music. Not only will you be able to listen to almost every song ever made, you will also have the options to listen to covers of the same songs. This will provide a fresh experience, especially if you have grown tired of hearing the same song over and over. If you like something you hear and want your friends to listen to it as well, you can share it. All the songs you have liked and shared will appear on your Facebook Timeline.


If you just want to have quick fun, then 9GAG is your source. The site is filled with some hilarious images and GIFs that will keep you fresh and help pass the time. The best part of the app is that you don’t have to go through any texts or look through any pictures that don’t interest you. There are different sections and you can choose the one that appeal to your interest. If you are new to the app, then just visit the “hot” section as it contains the posts that have been enjoyed the most by the users.


If you have been on internet then you must have acquainted yourself with one of the best sources of entertainment known as YouTube. Now, with the help of its official Android app, you can check out all of your favorite videos on the go. There is something for everyone on YouTube as it caters to the needs of all users.


This is another streaming service that will provide you access to some of the best movies and TV shows. The best part of Crackle is that it’s completely free. You will not have to pay for any content. Neither will you be required to pay any subscription fees. However, you will have to bear ads that pop up occasionally, which is fair enough as the app has to make some money too. All in all, it is a great app and if you don’t mind waiting for a few seconds, then it is one of the best streaming services available on Android.

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