Top 5 High-Profile Data Security Breaches of 2015

An increase in the dependence on the internet has created a lot of digital threats for the businesses, most common being data security breaches. According to a rough estimate, the number of hacking incidents doubled in 2015. This also created serious security threats for billions of people who lost their private information as a result of these thefts. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest data breaches that took place in 2015.

1. Hacking Team: 400 Gigabytes of Data Compromised

The Hacking Team received massive media coverage after it was hacked. What’s shocking is that it is itself a surveillance firm that provides security services to high-profile clients, including government organizations and law enforcement authorities, but it couldn’t save itself from an attack. The hackers uploaded 400 GB of company’s data, which included 1 million email addresses, customer invoices, source code, etc. US security agencies including FBI and DEA were also on the client list of this firm, as were Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Oman. Intriguingly so, the hackers used company’s Twitter account to share the compromised data online.

2. LastPass: Personal Records of 7 Million Users Compromised

The hacking attack that took place on LastPass was hardly a surprise as everyone knows that companies like it are like a gold mine for hackers. It is a password management firm with clients ranging from ordinary people to businessmen and other professionals. The security breach affected 7 million users by leaking their email address, password reminders, and much more.

3. Anthem: Records of 80 Million People Compromised

Anthem, a health insurance firm, became the victim of data theft in the first quarter of 2015. The hackers managed to get access to the names, addresses, emails, employment details, social security number, income details, health details, and other records of its patients and employees. Almost, 80 million people became the victim of this cyberattack. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s data was not encrypted. It seems that 2015 was not a good year for the health insurance companies as another health insurance provider, namely Premera BlueCross BlueShield, also got attacked by hackers, resulting in the compromise of 11.2 million records.

4. Ashley Madison: Data of 37 Million Users Compromised

Ashley Madison offers dating opportunities for married and committed people. A group of hackers leaked the names, email address, home address, credit card information and other detail of its 37 million users. Normally, hacking incidents negatively affect the repute of the targeted companies as it is a major security failure, but opposite happened to Ashley Madison. This online dating website got publicity after getting hacked. Its management also reported a massive increase in the number of its subscribers after the hacking incident.

5. T-Mobile: Data of 15 Million Users Compromised

The list of biggest security hacks of 2015 is incomplete without T-Mobile, a renowned mobile communications company. It lost the data of its 15 million users to the hackers. The compromised data included names, addresses, passport numbers, social security numbers and birthdays.