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Top 5 Keyloggers for Windows

If you are in a situation where you feel that your computer is being used by someone else or is being misused, then you need to get some security. Keylogger can be a huge help in these circumstances as they allow you to see if your device is being used by someone else. There are a ton of keyloggers available for Windows PC, but we are going to save you some time and outline top 5 keylogger for PC Windows available.

Revealer Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger is quite popular amongst the PC users and for the right reasons. When launched for the first time, this keylogger asks you to put in a password so that no one can gain access to it when they are using your computer. Furthermore, this app allows you to manually enable keylogging or schedule one. If you schedule the monitoring, then the keylogger will automatically enable itself on the specified time. This is a huge help for the users as they can’t always be on their computer to see what others are doing. This is one of the major reasons people opt for Revealer Keylogger.


Mobistealth is a feature-rich keylogger that can come in handy for the users. You can monitor all the keystrokes and can also use it to capture screenshots. Both of these features combine to provide satisfying results. Apart from keylogging, Mobistealth can help you monitor Facebook, Gmail and Skype chats, browsing history, emails on Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, and much more.

DanuSoft Keylogger

If you find keyloggers too technical and complex to use, then DanuSoft keylogger might be the best fit for you. It’s a simple-to-use software that is designed to be accessible for people of all ages. This program can be easily hidden through a password and would only be seen again when you put in the password for opening it. So there are two options inside it – one to hide it, and another one to reveal it. Moreover, there is an auto-start feature which launches DanuSoft in the background as soon as you boot up your PC.


KidLogger is another reliable activity monitoring tool that will log keystrokes without much of a hassle. However, that’s not all KidLogger offers. It also allows you to record USB drives’ files and folders usage. Furthermore, it enables you to record the sounds from the microphone and also take screenshots. This feature-rich software is for the people that want more elaborate monitoring on their PC.

Spyrix Keylogger

Spyrix is another brilliant application for the users that are in the online market searching for a keylogger. This software allows you to capture keystrokes, clipboard, and take screenshots. There is also an option to hide/show Spyrix at will just by typing certain keywords. If you are looking for software with no complexities, then Spyrix Keylogger comes highly recommended.

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