top 5 media players for windows

Top 5 Media Players for Windows

Movies, TV shows, and anime have become quite popular in the modern era and a lot of people have started to take interest in them. They download them via different sources or purchase them on DVD/Blu-Ray. However, all of this downloading and purchasing can be utterly useless if users aren’t able to run them on their PC’s media players. This is where they’ll need new software, but finding one that suits their needs can be quite an annoying task especially if they don’t know what they are looking for. Knowing that, we have created this guide in which we provide details on the features that should be present in the best media player for Windows.

Essentials of a Good Media Player


Performance matters a lot – if the media player doesn’t work well, then there’s just no point in spending time on it.

Must Support All/Most Video Formats

A ton of video formats are available on the web so look for media player that supports all/most of them.

Shortcut Keys

Can’t really depend on Mouse all the time, sometimes all we have is keyboard so shortcut keys certainly help.

Smooth Playback

Want to watch a movie or TV show without interruptions, then look for a media player that offers it.


Sometimes, the scale of video is small and this is where users will need the zooming feature. It enables them to zoom any part of the video without any hassle.

Aspect Ratio

The users can change the aspect ratio of any video to suit the display.

Manual Audio Sync

If the audio of a downloaded video is out of sync, then users must be able to adjust it with this feature.

Manual Subtitle Sync

If the subtitles of a downloaded video are out of sync, then users will be able to adjust them with the help of it.

Time Stretch

Users can slow down or speed up the time as they see fit.

Comparison Between Best Media Players for Windows

Now that we have gone in detail about the requisites, we can focus on the best software in this category. There are some media players that contain all the essentials mentioned above, and then there are a few which contain only a handful of them. However, on performance front all of the following software are unmatched.

Brief Overview of Top 5 Media Players for Windows

VLC Media Player

If as a computer user, you’re looking to settle on one media player then you should turn your attention to VLC Media Player. This is easily one of the best solutions available for all kinds of users. You don’t have to know any kind of technical stuff to run it. Everything you need is right in front of the interface. The best part is that it runs almost everything you throw at it. If you want to get technical, you can do that as well. There are tools for manipulating audio, optimizing video, enabling/disabling subtitles, syncing audio/subtitles, cropping, zooming, changing aspect ratio to fit your screen, and so much more. It’s a complete package and if you’re in need of a media player, then VLC comes highly recommended.


SMPlayer is an open source software and comes with a slew of unique features that aren’t being offered by anyone else. Audio and video files are obviously supported in this tool but it goes beyond and allows you to use internet radios and stream content through web. That’s not all though as it also comes with free plug-ins which enable you to browse the internet, search for anything, or play YouTube videos. Furthermore, SMPlayer saves your settings, so if you have set a volume to an extent, then it will stay that way unless you change it yourself. Same is the case with its other settings. There’s also an option for finding and downloading the subtitles best suited for the content you’re viewing. All in all, SMPlayer is an amazing solution but can be a bit technical. So only go for it if you have some knowhow about media players.

GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is another top notch media player and offers a bunch of control to the users. However, the features that really make it shine are the ability open YouTube URLs, gesture controls, and touchscreen system. You don’t have to worry about quality of sound or video either because they’re brilliant. There’s a version of this software that contains adware, so be sure to do your research and find the site that’s offering this tool without any kind of malware.


KMPlayer is a solid choice for you if you’re looking for a media player that is capable of running wide array of formats. It’s built on the FFMPEG engine which allows it run almost every single video format out there. It has very detailed interface so you will get everything you’re looking for right there. To top it all, KMPlayer comes with a subtitle support, capture tools, and 3D playback features. Yes, you can watch 3D movies using this tool, and the best part is that there’s no latency whatsoever so your experience is smooth.

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic has been around for quite some time but that does not mean it is outdated. Regular updates for it are released on regular basis ensuring that it is able to support all the old and new audio and video formats. This tool is as simple as it gets – if you don’t want hassle of any kind then it is the best option to go with. There’s no complicated stuff of any kind at all. No YouTube support, no browsing, no optimization settings, or any other technical feature. It’s a simple solution for simple people. You just open whatever you want in it and it plays. If that’s all you want, then Media Player Classic is highly recommended.

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