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Top 5 Medical Apps for Doctors

People often avoid going to doctors on the presumption that that whatever’s happening to them will become alright on its own after a few days. Realizing that people are become somewhat lazier and reckless towards their health, developers started to create different medical apps to enable doctors to help such people. Best part about these apps is that they allow people to get checked without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, in the midst of hundreds of apps, it can get difficult to find ones that will cater to your needs. Due to this reason, we have compiled this list in which we will share details regarding five of the best medical apps for Android and iOS available.


This app has become popular really fast and for the right reasons. It comes with several amazing features, one of which will allow you to find consultants that you can discuss your case with. Secondly, it contains information on large number of drugs. So, if you have been prescribed a medicine, you can just search about it through the app to know what kind of advantages and disadvantages it will bring. Calculations including BMI and GFR can also be performed through this app. Moreover, there are details on almost every disease available along with the best possible medicine for them. If you want a medical app on your smartphone, then Epocrates comes highly recommended. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


This app is full of medical knowledge, which is why it is more popular amongst the people who are planning to or are currently pursuing medical studies. It contains some of the popular researches that will help users gain knowledge about almost all medical aspects. General users can also benefit from this app as they will be able to gain insight regarding certain medical diseases, their causes, and their cures. UptoDate is also available on both iOS and Android platforms.


There are ton of social networking apps available, but none are specifically designed for the doctor community. However, Doximity fills this void as it allows you to connect with a number of US-based physicians, co-authors, colleagues, and specialists without too much of a hassle. As much as it is handy for doctors, it is equally beneficial for general public. Regular users can join up and connect with doctors to gain information about any health problems. With over 40% of US-based physicians present on the platform, this app will tend to almost all of your medical needs. This social networking platform is also available for Android and iOS devices.

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This app once again is for those who are pursuing medical studies. It comes with a large database of researches and books that contain information regarding medical field. The best part of this app is that it is constantly getting updated, which means that you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest information as soon as it becomes available. This app is quite handy and will certainly help a lot of students achieve their dreams. You can download this app via Apple or Google Play Store.

Doctor Virtual Practice

This app relates the most with the people nowadays as it allows them to stay at home and consult a doctor. However, this app benefits doctors the most. It comes with a vast array of options that allow doctors to check patients’ data at any time, remotely monitor their patients, answer certain questions asked by patients, and much more. This app is specifically designed for the current generation and with its large list of features, it can be of huge help. Just like all the apps mentioned in this article, Doctor Virtual Practice is available on both iOS and Android digital stores.

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