Top 5 Employee Monitoring Software: Selecting Only the Best for Business

The integration of technology in business can be seen as nothing but a blessing by employers for obvious reasons. On the flipside, the digitalization of workplace has also introduced its fair share of problems, with employees prone to abusing their digital privileges. Employers find themselves staring at potential security risks, misuse of office resources, and various other issues. Fortunately, it’s possible to deal with these problems effectively using the best employee monitoring software available today. The smart piece of technology is capable of keeping tabs on everything from computers and laptop to cell phones and tablets, thus empowering employers with greater control over what goes on in the office and particularly on official devices.

Expectations from a Monitoring Solution

There’s a huge variety of monitoring solutions available on the net, but of course, they differ from each other in terms of what they can and cannot do. What employers basically need to look at is how well certain monitoring software meets their requirements and responds to their concerns. Let’s take a quick look at the concerns that often haunt an employer, and which the latter may want to curb through the use of a monitoring solutions.

Prevent data leakage

Employees can go rogue, leaking information and data from the company server to an outside party, including competitors.

Improve work efficiency

Time is money, but employees are often guilty of spending it generously on time-wasting activities such as socializing, playing games, or lazily surfing the web.

Track employee location

Employees hired for field work may say that they are out working, when in actual they may simply be hanging out with friends or even heading home to get a nap.

Greater awareness

It’s not easy for an employer to go around checking up on every employee to see what they’re working on every day.

Limit risk and avoid litigation

So much can go wrong at a workplace, like harassment, allegations, even cybercrime using official equipment.

Alert upon specific events

Employees often give in to malicious temptations behind employers’ back, thinking no would know.

Multiple platforms

Of course, employees use more than just a PC running Windows during working hours. They could be working on a Mac machine, or a mobile device running iOS, or Android.

Over to the Testing Lab

We scanned the internet for some of the most popular monitoring software and tested them out to see how well they meet the general expectations of an average employer. The results of our tests are summarized in a simple comparison table below.

Spector 360

When it comes to digital surveillance solutions, Spector 360 is a reliable option. It comes loaded with just the right features to assist employers in protecting their interests, be it related to security of sensitive data, efficiency of employers, or ongoing activities in the workplace. Its comprehensive reporting system offers a significant amount of convenience in translating the recorded data into useful and easy-to-understand information, thus reducing the response time. It does have certain limitations, like absence of the employee tracking feature, but the shortcomings are easily overshadowed by all that it has to offer.


Mobistealth is one of the most powerful monitoring solutions available for PC and mobile devices alike. Equipped with a barrage of handy features, this nifty product empowers employers to keep a close eye on their employees within and even outside office premises. Of course, the PC and mobile version of Mobistealth varies in terms of capabilities, but both the variants are equally effective in serving their purpose. Moreover, the mobile version is available for a variety of platforms, namely iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. Mobistealth is a security and monitoring essential for every employer.


SpyAgent is just the tool employers need to take care of their staff monitoring concerns. It offers a host of features, which include monitoring, blocking and reporting, to ensure that employees are sticking to the tasks at hand instead of wasting their time on distractions. Even more importantly, it is more than capable of ensuring the safety of sensitive data that routinely circulates on the company server. PC Spy Agent does have its fair share of limitations, with the inability to track employee location and very limited compatibility being the most notable of them. However, it is a great surveillance option for employers concerned only about the staff and their activities within office premises and on PC.


mSpy is a complete monitoring product that comes with a host of surveillance features to help employers keep an eye on what their employees are up to. The significant of such technology lies in the fact that computers, mobiles and internet are a commonplace in modern-day workplaces, creating a realistic risk of data leakage, reduced efficiency, and various other problems. mSpy gives employers an extended vision, thus keeping them informed of what their employees are up to at all times, even if the latter aren’t within office premises. Its utility simply cannot be overstated and is definitely worth the investment.


StealthMate is just the assistant every employer needs to keep things running smoothly in their office. The powerful monitoring software is loaded with a barrage of nifty features to contain the various kinds of threats posed by technology in the workplace environments. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective monitoring tools available online. Moreover, it’s available for all major platforms, thus making it an ideal tool to monitor staff working on different devices, even outside the office premises. StealthMate is definitely the go-to app for employers wanting to keep a close eye on their workforce.

StealthMate Product Review


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