Top 5 Reasons Facebook is the Best Platform for Spying

The first thing we see after logging into our Facebook account is “What’s on your mind”. Different people answer this question differently. Some of us update a status or an inspirational quote, while others share their daily routine, or some important event, all of which somehow reveals a lot about our life. The worst thing is that what goes online stays online forever, creating an ideal situation for hackers, cyberbullies and strangers to carry out Facebook spying. Here is how the social networking platform serves as a snooping paradise.

1. Reveals Our Personal Details

We hardly think about our privacy while entering our personal details on our Facebook profile. This single act of ours gives a potential spy the power to exploit us by misusing our personal information. Our Facebook profiles reveal our full name, the city we belong to, our current location, places we’ve visited or frequently visit, movies we like, our relationship status, our favorite food, etc. This information, once in the wrong hands, can create serious trouble for us, such as social identity theft. Of course, even worse things can happen, like blackmailing for instance.

2. Provides Access to Our Photos and Videos

Our photos and videos, which are supposed to be our personal property, are not personal anymore. If you are a bit lazy to change your privacy settings, then every single photo and video you upload on your Facebook account can be seen by anyone who has a Facebook account. Not only this, they can save them as well.

3. Tells a Lot about Our Social Circle

Our family members, friends, significant other, and colleagues tell a lot about our personality and our life. Anyone with a Facebook account can easily see our Friend list unless we have enabled its privacy settings. This can be really dangerous as potential hackers and bullies use this information to exploit and harass us and our family.

4. Shows Our True Personality

According to the researchers, the way we present ourselves on Facebook and other social media platforms tells volumes about our personality, likes and dislikes, self-esteem, insecurities, and much more. Our business competitors, bosses, employees, potential employers, friends, etc. can judge us by the kind of stuff we say or share on Facebook. This may also reveal our insecurities, fears, and other little secrets which we do not want others to know about.

5. Exposes Our Intimate Secrets

The pages we follow and posts we like reveal our intimate secrets without us realizing. Any person who follows you on Facebook and closely monitor your online activities can easily know about your sexual orientations, emotional stability, religious and political beliefs, etc. Michel Koninski, a Facebook researcher, conducted a study in which he came up with interesting facts about the people just by seeing their public posts. He is of the view that any person who knows how to analyze data can easily get surprisingly accurate findings about the people. What more can a snoop ask for?