Top 5 Reasons You Should Breakup with Your Smartphone

Smartphone was supposedly a device to facilitate our lives by solving a lot of small problems, but the truth is that it has started creating new, more serious problems for us. Obviously, it’s not really the smartphones that are to blame, but the way people are using it. An excessive use of smartphone can have a bad impact on almost all aspects of your lives. Continue reading to know how this addiction of yours can affect the quality of your life in the long run.

1. It Ruins Relationships

You definitely hold a special relationship with your smartphone, but what about other beautiful relationships you are blessed with? Do you want to make your partner feel bored or alone when you are sitting right next to them? The time you spend at home should be allocated for your family, not for some Facebook friends or LinkedIn professionals. Smartphone has become a major cause of an on-going fight among various couples. It affects your personal life, and especially your married life up to a great extent. Is it fair to prefer smartphone use over relationships? The answer is obvious.

2. It is a Major Cause of Depression

Are you unhappy with your married life? Do you want to switch your job? Are you worried because of your increasing expenses? Do you feel sad too often? If yes, then it’s a sincere advice to stop or at least limit the use of smartphone. Smartphones offer a constant access to social networking platforms, which subsequently create a feeling of dissatisfaction and cause depression. Thoughts like “I earn lesser than my friends despite having more education than them”, “John went to an expensive resort for holidays last week whereas I cannot afford a good dinner”, “Berkeley’s wife is beautiful than mine and more confident as well”, “Why isn’t he replying to my messages” pop up commonly. Statements like these cause nothing but depression. Smartphones are frequently used for checking social media accounts and social media accounts increase our insecurities and make us feel inferior to others. Scientific studies also claim that excessive use of smartphones leads to depression.

3. It Affects Professional Life

The excessive use of smartphones decreases the performance of employees to a great extent. This is something that has been found in several studies. Just think for a moment, you are writing an article on a very serious issue and suddenly your girlfriends send you her recent images. Will you be able to take off your mind from those images for the next 30 minutes or so? What if you are in a meeting discussing the action plan for next six months, and your friend starts calling you? And if you by any mistake open your Facebook account at workplace, then you may not be able to log out for at least next half hour as one click leads to another. Checking a Facebook account, any mail or Skype on smartphone may seem harmless to you, but these little things, if done repeatedly, can your affect job performance, making you look like a liability instead of an asset for the organization.

4. It Leaves You Socially Isolated

When was the last time you had dinner with your friends or watched a movie with your partner? Smartphones tend to occupy your mind, making you completely forget about real-life interactions with real-life people in the real world. You eventually get so used to texting or sending WhatsApp messages to your friends, or at most calling them, that you no longer feel the need to meet them in person, which can affectively make you socially dead.

5. It’s a Total Waste of Time

There was a time when people used to take a book with them everywhere they go so that they could read it whenever they get a free time. Nowadays, people keep s