Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Add Your Boss on Social Media

Social media has given a new meaning to networking as it is now frequently used for building professional relationships. This takes us to the million dollar question; should you add your boss on social media? The answer is a big fat no! Why, you ask? Read on to know why it’s unwise to add your boss on your social media account.

1. No Social Media at Work

Do you want your boss to know that you use social media at work? Of course you don’t, as that can give an impression that you’ve got too much spare time on your hands, or maybe you are ignoring pressing tasks to spend time on the likes of Facebook. Therefore, do not even think of adding your boss on social media. Majority of the organization have a strict policy regarding the use of social media at work, but employees manage to sneak past the watchful eyes of bosses and HR to relish on the joys of the online social world. This is not possible if your boss is added on your social media. Either choose to enjoy unlimited social media in office or add your boss. The decision is yours.

2. No More Fake Sick Leaves

All of us call in sick from time to time, at times only because we aren’t in a mood to work. This won’t work if your boss is in your friend list. You can’t share your last week photos while on bed having fever or sore throat. If you somehow manage to stop yourself from using social media while on a leave, then still there is a strong chance that your friend will share picture of the great meal he had with you during lunch. Obviously, he will tag you in those photos, giving your boss a pretty good idea of just how sick you were.

3. It is Restricting

Adding your boss on social media means you have to think before sharing anything online, which can obviously feel like a drag. It’s quite normal to talk about the funny (read dumb) habits of the boss, his strange voice, rude behavior, etc. on social media. In fact, people use to make fun of their bosses on social media as a way of relieving stress. This is something you cannot do with your boss on your friend list. What if you mistakenly add a status on your Timeline about having a bad day at office or about leaving the job? This will give your boss a wrong message that will definitely affect your repute and credibility. What’s fun in using social media when you can’t even express yourself freely on it?

4. You Can’t Stop Your Friends

You know that your boss is added in your friend list and are okay with exercising caution while making posts or keeping statuses, but what about your friends? What if they share an inappropriate status or image and tag you in it, or say anything about you that you do not want your boss to know, such as your intentions to resign or your plans to start up your own business? Anything and everything your friends say and post on Facebook and popular social networks can make or break your image in front of your boss.

5. He will know Your Little Secrets

Have you ever talked about the divorce of your parents at your workplace? Do you want your boss to know you are spending time with your friend’s ex-girlfriend? Won’t you feel embarrassed when your boss will come to known that your younger brother is a drug addict? Do you feel okay if your boss came to know that you tried to commit suicide in the past? Things like these shouldn’t be shared with everyone, and especially your boss, as it can have serious repercussions.

On the other hand, if you are bored of your stagnant life, and you want drama, adventure and thrill in it, then rush to add your boss on all your social media accounts. Your life will definitely become a roller coaster ride the minute you add him/her.