Self-driving cars

Top 5 Self-Driving Cars – The Future You Dreamed of isn’t Too Far Away

We have been hearing about self-driving cars for a long time and there had been multiple experiments we’ve seen online. Completely self-driving cars that don’t require any manual input haven’t been made available as of now, but semi-auto vehicles are already in the market. Some of the biggest names in the industry have taken part in this endeavor and they have been extremely successful. On highways, you can set your car to autopilot and can just sit back, relax, or take a short nap. The driving on highways can get extremely boring especially if you are travel a lot and do it alone. However, with these auto features in place, you can relax for a bit in your commute, and let autopilot handle the things. These cars are designed to keep an eye out for the collisions and can move pretty safely on the highways because there’s less traffic. On regular roads however, it is not recommended to go auto as there’s just too much traffic. Autopilot will try its best to avoid the collision, but due to excessive traffic, it won’t be able to read everything, and is more than likely to cause an accident. However, despite this flaw, self-driving cars are a force to be reckoned with. They ensure your comfort on long distances by providing you with much needed rest. These vehicles are a huge step forward in the vehicle industry and if you have been thinking of getting your hands on one of these semi self-driving cars, then following are the best options currently available in the market.

Tesla Model S

Is anyone really surprised that Tesla’s Model S is at the top of the list? Tesla has been on top of its game when it comes to self-driving cars and their product is easily the best. This particular vehicle is constantly receiving software updates which improve the overall self-driving experience. The latest software version allows it to go down highways without much of a problem. It can change lanes and adjust speed looking at the traffic conditions. It also come equipped with a parking feature, which can help you park your car with ease. To make it efficient in self-driving, Tesla has included multiple cameras, radars, and sensors. The car collects the data through these entities and adjusts the controls in accordance. Tesla Model S is near perfect self-driving car and if you have been craving to get your hands on one, then this is the one you should opt for.

Volvo XC90 Models

Once again, this is not a fully automatic vehicle, but Volvo has assured that it plans on releasing one real soon. Until then however, you can try out Volvo’s XC90 Models i.e. T8 Hybrid and T6. They come equipped with Intellisafe Autopilot mode which functions quite similar to the Tesla Model. It takes information through sensors, radars, and cameras that have been integrated and moves the car around with their help. It is one of the safest vehicle to be in too because it features brakes that automatically trigger on intersection or when it suspects a collision. Only downside is that it is not the smartest looking vehicle. However, its capacity and its size make it the best bet families. If you have a family and you want to take them on a long trip, then this is the best vehicle for the job.

BMW 750i

BMW hasn’t really stepped into the self-driving lane yet, but they are testing the waters out. One of their latest cars BMW 750i xDrive comes with a driving-aid system that includes a lot of automated features. It includes an automatic brake system which will trigger when a collision is imminent. It also has cars and pedestrian alerts that will keep you notified. However, the best feature of this aid system comes with is cruise control. You know how annoying it is to move inch by inch every few seconds when the there is a traffic jam? With cruise control feature, you won’t have to do it anymore. The car will automatically keep moving forward and you can just sit back and relax. As mentioned above, BMW is not quite in the self-driving arena just yet, but they are taking huge strides towards it.

Mercedes Benz S65

Benz S65 is one of the most beautiful cars you will ever come across. When it comes to style, this car is easily the best looking on the list. Furthermore, it comes with amazing utility, awesome features, and most importantly, self-driving features. Instead of sensors, Benz S65 relies on cameras, which constantly provides input to the vehicle autopilot system. This system helps driver in staying the lane, and even adjusts the speed of the vehicle in accordance to the traffic. Not allowing your to change the lane might be annoying for some people, which is why it is recommended that you only use this feature if you are on the highway. You will stay in your lane, and you wouldn’t really have to put in any effort. The autopilot system in BenzS65 is dependent on the radar, which keeps an eye out for every direction and can sense incoming traffic from a long distance and notify you in advance. The people who crave luxurious cars and semi-automatic features, will feel right at home with Mercedes Benz S65.

Infiniti Q50S

Infiniti Q50S is not that advanced in self-driving field, but the aid driving system that it comes with, works really well. The automated system relies on the windshield camera and radar, which is located on the left side of the fender. Both of these combined aid you with emergency brakes, active control of the lane, and stops you from leaving your lane. When it comes to looks, it is not as luxurious as 2-seater Benz S65, but this 4-seater has a feel of its own. It looks good, feels good, and comes with some amazing features. It’s a great stylish vehicle for people with families. A 2-seater like Mercedes is good but not really required for families. However, a 4-seater like Infiniti Q50S is great for all occasions. If you have a family or want a bigger car in general, then you don’t to look any further than Infiniti Q50S.