Top 5 Video Streaming Sites Other Than YouTube

YouTube is hands down the most popular online platform for watching movies, music songs, funny videos, television programs, and much more, but it is certainly not the only video streaming website. There are various other video steaming websites that are brimming with entertaining content. These platforms may not be as popular as YouTube, but they are definitely worth exploring. And in case YouTube becomes inaccessible in your area, you can turn to these services to stay entertained.


Dailymotion is the second most popular video-sharing website, first being YouTube of course. Its look and feel is quite similar to YouTube, so you won’t really miss the latter much. It has a search bar that helps you in finding the videos on any given topic. You may also follow various channels on this platform to quickly access that suits your taste. Most importantly, it has a huge collection of videos available on various categories. And the best part is, it doesn’t feature any kind of pornographic content, a policy that was introduced only a year or two back.


Vimeo is a US-based website that was launched in 2004. It is a strong competitor to YouTube. What distinguishes it from other video streaming websites is the fact that it focuses more on the quality rather than quantity. Vimeo is a common platform for artists from different backgrounds who share their videos and movies on this platform. If you are looking for a classic short film, music videos, or anything sophisticated, then Vimeo is certainly a good option. Its basic membership allows uploading 500MB of videos every week.


Metacafe is quite different to YouTube in terms of its user interface, with its homepage overloaded with a lot of videos, but this is what makes it a good platform for all the video lovers. Metacafe has something for everyone. Just like YouTube, it becomes difficult to close this website once you have opened it, mainly because of the excessive amount of videos available on a vast variety of topics. The interesting thing about Metacafe is that it has a page view payment system that attracts more and more number of people towards it who upload their videos to get paid.


It is the first website to show currently on-air and also old television programs in great quality. Most of its content is available free of cost, but getting access to a few channels requires paid subscription. Hulu is not just limited to television programs; it also shows popular movies. Unfortunately, this video streaming website is overloaded with advertisements. This can become quite annoying for the users. Also, it is available only in the US region.


Veoh is yet another great video streaming website that offers videos, music, movies, and much more. It has a simple user interface with different categories allocated to videos and movies, making it easier for users to find the content they are looking for. In addition to television programs and movies, Veoh also hosts user-submitted content that can easily be shared with other people. You can also easily embed its videos on any blog or website.

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