Top 6 Anti-spam WordPress Plugins to Reduce Spam

There has been a drastic increase in the number of websites and it has equally resulted in the increase of evil minded people who are doing their bit towards spamming the sites. As a result in necessitates to effectively deal with the spammers. Being a blogger or website owner, it is inevitable that you would have been a victim of spamming. In the event of finding lots of comments on your blogs, as you login to your dashboard, you end up loosing a big chunk of your precious time while removing them. There are occasions when you even fail to detect these comments and hence the ranking as well as reputation of your site is deeply affected as well. However, as a wordpress user, you easily have the convenience of detecting as well as removing spam.

Following article will assist you towards sharing the list of top 5 anti-spam wordpress plugins which will make your site spam free.

1. Akismet

Akisnet is a renowned anti-spam plugin for wordpress blogs. The plugin will indeed ensure a thorough and detailed check of each and every single comment on your blog and accordingly make the decision of its authencity. Akismet will give you the convenience of checking the approved comments. Similarly, you can also see the history of the status, approved as well as spam comments. You just need to have a valid API key so that your Akismet plugin can be activated.

2. Fast Secure Contact Form

Being a customizable contact form, it helps towards blocking automated spam emails. It consists of CAPTCHA and Akismet as they work wonders towards reducing spam comments. Its utility is manifolds. After all, it has sophisticated features such as confirmation emails, easy form edit along with multiple forms. It equally helps towards redirecting readers to a specific URL as the message is sent.

3. SI CAPTCHA Anti Spam

It is also a renowned anti spam plugin which helps towards checking the spams from your blog. It does its bit by adding a CAPTCHA image on WordPress registration forms, Login forms, comment forms, lost password forms. You can prevent your blog from automated bots as you

add the CAPTCHA form. It is indeed a free plugin and has dedicated features such as valid HML, trackbacks along with pingbacks. It can be configured directly from Admin panel.


It is a Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. It has a tick box below the comment field which states “Confirm you are not a spammer”. Hence, it is going to reduce spam comment from automated bots. This will work wonders towards stopping automated spams. The blog’s look will remain untouched. Hence, this stands out to be quite a simple and effective anti-spam plugin which will work wonders towards reducing spam from your wordpress site.

5. Defensio Anti Spam

It is quite an advanced anti-spam plugin which helps towards simple spam filtering along with detecting malicious content and Scripts with the assistance of the plugin. Being an all in one anti-spam plugin, it is sufficient in itself.

6. AVH First Defense against Spam

It blocks spammers prior to the content being served. Hence, it blocks the spammers by the information which is supplied by a third party or by adhering to the local blacklist of IP addresses.

Finally, aforesaid are the few anti-spam plugins which will give you never ending joy of reducing spams from your wordpress site.

About The Author: This is a guest post contributed by Osho Garg who blogs for WebNet, a web hosting company that offers reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Managed Cloud VPS Hosting.

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