Here are the Top Five Robotic Pets You Must Own

People who love keeping pets know what kind of joy and happiness they bring to their lives. Those who mostly stay alone keep pets with them as they turn out to be lovable companions. Pets bring an utmost joy to their owners but there might be some inconveniences of pet ownership. Pets require constant attention and support from their owners as most of them are not self-sufficient. When people are not able to provide proper care and attention to the pets, they may become ill. Therefore, if you’re too much busy or not in the capacity to look after the pet then you should simply drop the idea.

However, if you’re still interested to keep a pet companion with fewer responsibilities and intricacies to deal with, a robotic pet might be a suitable option for you. We are in no way means comparing the benefits of a live pet with a robotic pet as the former provides an unwavering companionship but it would be safe to say that robotic pets have some nice benefits of their own.

Robotic pets are basically artificially intelligent machines designed and made to look like animals commonly kept as pets. A variety of robotic pets have been made in the image of animals such as cats, dogs, birds, etc. Robotic pets may also include species that are normally not considered as pets, for instance, Pleo, a simulation robotic dinosaur.

It’s quite fascinating to know that some people treat the robotic pets just like they would treat actual pets. These robotic pets are loved by both kids and grownups. In fact, elderly people seem to have gotten more attached to the robotic pets. With these pets around, they neither feel lonely nor depressed and tend to remain more active in their presence. The best thing about having virtual pets is that they can be easily taken care of and come with fewer responsibilities. You can teach your children responsibilities associated with having a real pet at home. In case, someone is suffering from an allergy, they can avoid keeping an actual pet and go for a robotic pet instead.

Top Five Robotic Pets You Must Own

Witnessing the frenzy robotic pets are making in the technology industry, we have listed down our top five robotic pets that you need to check out.



The AIBO robotic dog was designed and manufactured by Sony and its first consumer model was launched back in 1999. Most of the models were dog-like whereas other inspirations included space explorer and lion-clubs. AIBOs were marketed for domestic use and were known as ‘Entertainment Robots’. Many universities adopted them for educational purposes. In fact, AIBOs have also been used in many movies, music videos, and advertising campaigns as futuristic icons. However, the company discontinued AIBOs in 2006 in an effort to improve their profits. People may still be able to find the used versions of AIBOs on online marketplaces such as eBay. The good news is that Sony has announced a whole new generation of AIBO and will be soon launching them in Japan sometime this year. AIBOs have been known for their retro style, coming with incredible electronic noises and a shiny silver body. You can play with this robotic pet while tossing him a toy and then enjoy watching him chase it around the room.



Zoomer acts just like your real best friend. This is a voice-activated robotic dog that can be trained to respond to all the commands given in English, Spanish, or French. This robotic pet is so smart that he can learn over sixty tricks including fetching a ball and rolling over to having his belly tickled. This robotic dog behaves just like a real thing. You can teach, play, and love this virtual pet and then they’ll become your best friend for life.

There are unique sensors inside the robotic dog’s chest that let him know when he is about to crash into an object. This ability allows him to roam around the house without bringing a damage to himself. Zoomer has been inspired by a Dalmatian puppy with black spots over a white body. There’s also a purple version available in case someone is looking for a more exotic robotic dog.

PAW Patrol


Produced by Spin Master Entertainment, PAW Patrol is a Canadian CGI–animated television series. The series revolves around a boy named Ryder who leads a pack of search and rescues dogs known as the PAW Patrol. Each dog is possessed with a unique set of skills based on a real-life profession. For instance, Marshall works just like a firefighter whereas Chase has the abilities of a police officer. All of them work together to protect the shoreside community of Adventure Bay. The dogs reside in customized doghouses that can be turned into vehicles when needed.

The series became so popular among the children that Spin Master went on to develop it into a media franchise and launched an ongoing line of toys based on it.  These toys are in fact the robotic pets which people began to purchase.



Teksta is another smart robotic dog. Just like Zoomer, he also responds to voice commands and loves to perform his tricks including chowing down on his magnetic bone or chasing his ball around the room. This robotic pet is also agile – he can easily perform a full 360-degree backflip and then land back on his tiny plastic paws, ready to hear out for the next command.

Teksta comes in two beautiful colors – blue and pink, which means that children can get to choose their favorite color for their robotic pet. Boys can have a blue Teksta whereas the girls can choose the pink one.



Bandai, a Japanese company, designed and created the Smartpet in order for it to be used as a companion for the iPhone users. All users needed to do was simply download the Smartpet app from the Apple store, attach their iPhone to the body of the robotic dog and then get ready to play.

Once the iPhone is attached to the robotic dog body, the screen of the iPhone becomes a smiling face to the robotic dog, which the owners can use to interact with the pet. Apart from playing, this robotic pet can also perform a number of tricks. It can stand up on his hind legs to beg for treats. Moreover, he will also do a little dance to entertain his owners. If you want to opt for a playful and fun robotic pet, you should go for this one.

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