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The Five Gadgets You Must Have With You on a Business Trip

Travelling on business means long hours in hotel rooms, dashing for flights and a constant lookout for the nearest phone charging point or laptop power station. Check out these five awesome gadgets for making the trip a lot less painful!

The solar powered battery charger

Who needs plug points when you’re flying high in the sky? At cruising altitude, you’ve got access to more solar wattage than you’ll ever get down on the ground. This neat little device comes with a sucker to attach it to the plane window – plug the other end into your smartphone and let the natural juice of the universe power up your communications device. Keep it turned to flight mode, naturally.

The hand luggage weigher

Nothing puts a hole in a quick dash for an early flight than having too much duty free in your baggage. Make sure you never buy more duty free than your carry on allowance lets you with a hand luggage weighing machine – a simple set of digital scales with a sturdy strap for hanging your cabin baggage off. The readout comes in kg and lb, and the tiny device weighs so little you can carry it all over the world without fear.

The real headphones

By “real” I mean a pair of headphones that actually have a bit of oomph behind them: a decent bass response, nice in the midrange and plenty of treble without squawking. For business travel, where you’re endlessly watching movies on planes and in hotel rooms, something that makes what you’re viewing sound good is a real blessing. Just make sure you get closed on-ear headphones so your listening experience doesn’t bug your fellow travellers – or go for high quality buds.

The hand held games console

When you’ve watched all the new releases 19 times each, and can’t play games on your phone because flight mode won’t connect you to the internet, your only saviour is a hand held games console.

Fortunately, the price of modern consoles has gone down while the quality has gone way up. Leaders of the pack are the Nintendo 3DS, which has shot to stardom after years of mockery, and the PSVita, whose staggeringly powerful graphics make role playing and shoot em’ ups an absolute joy. Pick the PSV if you like a bit of GTA – and the 3DS is Mario and Donkey Kong are more your cup of tea.

The quality laptop

Communication station, vital hard drive, media centre – a good quality laptop is more than just an office in a bag. It’s your whole life on the go. Spending significant bucks on one with great battery life and a tough case pays off bigtime: and if it’s for business purposes you can run it off against tax too. The MacBook is king of the castle here – a solid aluminium body and an outstanding display mean it’s tough on the go and great for watching films and TV shows during your hotel nights. Never put up with inexplicable European TV stations again. Just make sure you have a decent case: Global Luggage can help.

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