texting apps for android and ios

Top Texting Applications for Android and iPhone

Text messaging is by far one of the most popular ways of communicating with people we love and want to stay in touch with, but carrier’s SMS packages are so costly that most of the people are now relying on the third-party messaging apps. These apps offer more features free of cost. If you want to bring life to your text messages and conversations with attractive emojis, stickers, images, videos, and much more, then try any of these popular texting apps for Android and iOS. Once you start using them, there is no going back to the traditional texting method.


It is one of the leading text message applications with active users ranging in millions. It lets you send messages and photos in real-time. You can also know if the receiver has read your message or not. WhatsApp tells you who is available online at the moment. You can send a message to WhatsApp users even if they are offline. It is much more than a messaging app, as it also allows you to send audio/video messages, start group chats, and call other WhatsApp users for free. It collaborates with your smartphone contacts to showcase the contacts with an active WhatsApp account.


It is a multi-platform app that lets you send text and video messages and create groups for chatting with other Viber users through Wi-Fi or internet package. It integrates with your smartphone contact list to let you know who is using the app. It has more than 200 million active users, which is a clear proof of its popularity. You can also use it for calling purposes, as its sound quality is much better than a regular call.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has taken text messaging to the whole new level with a lot of interesting features. This app allows you to send the text to anyone in your phone book, not just your Facebook friends. Just enter the contact number of the receiver and you are ready to go. It also lets you chat with more than one person at a time using a group chat option. Assign a name to the group and start chatting right away. Its chat head feature makes it easy to use while working on other apps.

Google Hangouts

It is a great app for sending text messages, starting a conversation with one person or a group, starting voice and video calls, and much more. It allows you to add up to 100 people in a group chat. Of course, you can also send emojis, animated GIFs, stickers and photos. It also offers a free calling feature.


Text messaging has never been as interesting as it is with LINE. It has over 10,000 stickers, so if you do not have words for something, then you can simply use stickers. It lets you store your photos and videos and share them with your friends during private and group chats. With LINE on your device, you can make video and voice calls to your friends and family free of cost. It is also a social media service with a Timeline where you can share your daily activities or thoughts.

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