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Top Wearable Technology Trends of 2016

Wearable technology has really taken off in the past couple of years. There were wearable gadgets before, but now this tech has been taken to a whole new level and we have seen some really surprising additions.

Watches are way more advanced than they were before. Then there are smart clothes that protect you from bacteria. Gaming has also evolved to provide a more engrossing experience than ever.

The wearable gadgets have seen a lot of advancements, but not all of them were able to garner people’s attention. Only a few of them caught everyone’s eye and became wearable technology trends of 2016. To save you the trouble of searching for them, we’ve listed them here.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness is a huge issue these days. With fast food becoming a part of our regular diet, it is difficult to stay fit.

Tech industry realized this problem and introduced fitness tracking wearables. You just wear them around your wrist and you get to see details of your movements.

fitness tracker

You can see how many minutes you ran, how many minutes you walked, how many minutes your heart rate spiked, how many times it slowed down than usual, etc.

All of these questions are answered by your wearable, allowing you to know how much workout you did. This is a huge help because people these days don’t care about their health, but when they have fitness trackers, then they are constantly reminded of their laziness and bad health. This motivates them to work out and stay fit.

Smart Clothing

Tech giants like Samsung, Hexo Skin, Google, OMSignal, and Under Armor are working on smart clothes which will turn your clothing items into a device.

As far as looks are concerned, there is no need to worry about that. They look just like normal clothing, but include multiple hidden sensors. These sensors can serve several purposes depending on what they were developed for.

However, the reason most people are interested in these clothes is because sensor’s protecting capabilities. They take every precaution necessary to protect their wearer from dust or bacteria surrounding them.

This tech is relatively new, but people’s interest in it clearly shows that it has a bright future.

VR Gaming

Gaming started on handhelds but there was no concept of graphics. When graphics came around, then came the era of home consoles and PC games.

However, now the world is shifting towards VR gaming. VR headsets are worn by the users and it feels as if they are transported into the game’s world.

VR Headset

You will move in the real world, and your movement will be tracked in the game. You will actually be aiming with your hands and it will be reflected as gun through the headset.

There is a game that lets you climb mountains and every step feels so real. Another game lets you walk on the rope at the top of the skyscraper. The scary feeling is so real that you actually feel as though you are really walking on the rope and if you fall, it would really be over.

VR has brought a new life to gaming, which is why VR headsets are selling like hotcakes.

If you haven’t given them a try just yet, then we suggest you invest in a VR device right away.

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