Transformation of Iron Man Suits in the Movies

One of the most iconic Marvel superheroes, Iron Man is popular amongst its fanbase and it comes as no surprise that the creators chose him to be one of the first to receive his very own movie. However, before delving into his character, the studio needed to make people understand who this character was, what his aspirations are, and how he ended up making a fully functional robot. The first Iron Man movie does a pretty good job of it, as we learn about Tony Stark, the man in the suit’s background. He was in charge of creating weapons at first, but then a certain event takes place, and Tony Stark finds himself captured, and held in a cave. He absolutely needs to get out of this place, but with no way in sight, he just looks at the metal that he has available at his disposal and creates a suit that would keep him safe from the bullets, and will also allow him to use Flamethrower with ease. This suit was named Mark 1 as it was Tony Stark’s first foray into this kind of creation. The Mark I allowed Tony Stark to make his escape and eventually get back to his home.

Mark II

After he had reached home, he knew he had the idea and just need to perfect it. He then started to work on Mark II, and told J.A.R.V.I.S that it’d be a secret project. He utilized the blueprints of Mark I to initialize the design, and then started tinkering with things. Eventually he developed flight stabilizing repulsors, which he thought would get the job done. However, instead of running diagnostics on this Mark II prototype, Tony Stark wears the suit and takes it out for a test run. He tries to break the SR-71 Blackbird’s record of highest ever flight but after reaching a certain height, the Mark II stops functioning, and he starts to fell. He barely survives it, but knows that he has to change the material in order for the suit to actually work.

Mark III

This gives rise to Mark III, which is created using Gold-Titanium alloy. Stark believes that this material would help him on high altitude as it doesn’t have any freezing issues. While testing out the new prototype, he accidently fires and realizes that he doesn’t need to hold any weapons as the suit itself can be weaponized. This leads to construction of refined Mark III, which he then uses in the battle throughout the movie.

Iron Man 2

The new and improved version Mark IV is shown in Iron Man 2. Tony Stark flies around in this suit and helps maintain world peace. Despite trying his best, he is being poisoned by the palladium and he knows that if he doesn’t do anything about it, he will lose his life real soon. He makes some enhancements in the suit to slow the poising and names it Mark V. This suit is used against Ivan Vanko, the movie’s main villain, but during the fight, it gets demolished. Now, Tony is in a need for a new suit, and he also needs something that’s more reliable.

The Avengers

In the beginning of movie Avengers, Iron Man puts on Mark VI and goes to Germany. There a small skirmish ensues and Iron Man goes after Loki and Thor. He tries to intervene between the brothers, but Thor doesn’t like it and blasts him with a thunder blast. However, instead of going down, the suit becomes more powerful and allows Iron Man to take out Thor with the extra power. This is the last time we see the Mark VI. In the later part of the movie, while Tony Stark is falling down after a certain event, he is caught up in the new armor named Mark VII, which has jetpacks. Tony and Loki have a small fight, and in all this confusion, Loki opens up a portal to Earth to sneak in aliens. The fight ensues between the alien creatures and Avengers, and soon Tony realizes that if things keep going like this, they won’t be able to stop the invasion. He then decides to take his Mark VII up the portal and destroy it from within, which brings us to the end of the movie.

Iron Man 3

In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark is shown testing Mark XLII, which is designed in a way that it can summon other suits when ordered. Later in the movie, we found out that Stark has built 42 armor suits and all of them are under his new armor’s command. This new armor is called MarkXXXIII. However, towards the end of the movie, Stark is forced to leave this suit and has to kill the villain, Killian with one of the repulsors of Mark X.

Avengers Age of Ultron

In this movie, Iron is seen wearing XLIII in the starting once again, but soon he has to go battle with The Hulk. He realized a long time that fighting against The Hulk would not be possible in the normal suit, so he built the Hulkbuster aka Mark XLIV. He and The Hulk have an amazing battle in this suit, but it gets a lot of damage in the process. Later in the movie, when the team is fighting Ultron and his forces, Iron Man can be seen in his newest XLV suit, which had the capabilities of all the other armors that came before.

Captain America Civil War

Civil War only had one huge battle, and in that, Iron Man can be seen in the Mark XLVI suit, which is basically the new and improved version of XLV. It has the same impact and power, but the design is changed. It resembles a lot with the Bleeding Edge armor from the comics.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

As is tradition with Marvel movies, whenever Iron Man shows up in a new movie, he has to have the new and improved model of the one he was previously wearing. So, things weren’t so different in Spider-Man Homecoming as we saw Iron Man for a little while in the XLVII armor.

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