Troubleshooting Problems in Windows OS

Troubleshooting Problems in Windows OS: Is It That Easy?

The first thing that you do after encountering an problem with your Windows operating system is making a frantic phone call to a trusted professional who can diagnose the problem and fix the same. However, it is advisable that before calling an engineer for help you look in to the issue yourself. There are a couple of problems with Windows OS that can be solved without professional help- off course, depending on the severity of the issue. You are just required to educate yourself duly about it so that when you actually come across these problems you are well equipped to deal with them efficiently. Therefore, go further through the post in a bid to stay duly informed in this regard. Troubleshooting problems in Windows OS is no walk in the park if you don’t know what the resolution of the problem demands.

Most Common Problems and Possible Solutions

One of the major issues that can affect your computer is system slowdown triggering a series of errors. You can approach the problem by unclogging the hard drive by removing or uninstalling some programs that are not used frequently. As these are basically unnecessary programs, don’t let them occupy a huge memory space thereby slowing your machine down. You can also defrag your computer in a bid to organize the programs and files in a bid to optimize the operation of your machine.

There are certain malicious programs like adware and spyware that might invade your operating system thereby causing some problems. A virus attack to your system can also cause similar issues. These problems can primarily be identified in settings and configuration of the Operating System. Making use of the spyware removal tools and the anti virus software can be helpful. This counts as more of a proactive measure than a corrective one.

0x0000000 Error is another major error often flashed by your windows operating system. It implies that your Windows operating system has stopped working altogether. Windows XP is the most susceptible to this error which you would find on the blue screen after starting your computer. This type of problem is primarily triggered by memory partition issues. Fixing the system bus errors remains one of the most potent solutions in cases of severe situations. Otherwise, you can just be sorted by reformatting the hard drive.

A disorganized registry is another major factor that might be affecting your OS. This is the place where you are storing your data. Moreover each and every activity in your system is recorded by it as well.There are chances of junk being stored each and every day you use your machine as most of the data that had been used way before are not used any more now. This results in the slowdown of your processor engendering a string of errors as well. The best way to remove all trash files and the resultant errors would be the use of the registry cleaning software.


Going through proper list like the one provided above would help you duly in troubleshooting possible problems with ease. It is important that you keep yourself updating on the same.

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