Tumblr Instant Messaging Feature Available on Web, Mobile

Tumblr for Web and Mobile Gets Instant Messaging Feature for Everyone

The new feature replaces Tumblr’s Fan Mail feature which was similar to an email client.

If you are a part of Tumblr’s huge family, then you can finally send and receive instant messages irrespective of the platform you are using. Tumblr for web and iOS are the first ones to get the update, followed by Android users.

You can use the feature by pressing a smiley in Tumblr’s web version or going to the bottom menu on Android or iOS.

The feature allows you to start a one-on-one chat conversation with anyone, and while it currently lacks support for group messaging and GIF’s, these features will soon be added, as confirmed by the Tumblr Product Manager Steve Moncada.

Tumblr has also killed its Fan Mail feature as it is not needed anymore.

The company first released the instant messaging feature to a limited number of people last month. Until today, the only way to use the feature was receiving a message from any of those people.


Image Courtesy: searchenginejournal.com

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