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TunnelBear for Android is Certainly a Promising VPN App

You really don’t need a review on TunnelBear for Android to help you realize that this simple yet smart VPN app makes a genuine effort to provide quality service. You’ll find yourself treated to a user-friendly interface studded with grizzly puns that are bound to put a smile on your face. However, don’t let the lighter tone of TunnelBear fool you as it takes the job of providing online security, privacy, anonymity, and freedom very seriously. Moreover, it comes equipped with the ability to block website trackers. These trackers, namely ads, analytics, scripts and social buttons track everything that you do, giving the website a pretty good idea of your digital personality. With a bear on duty, this pesky menace is brought to a grinding halt.

To learn more about what puts this security and privacy client high in our rankings for top Android VPN clients, continue reading our TunnelBear review for Android. In this comprehensive review, we dissect the functionality of the app to see just well it delivers what it offers.

Data Encryption

With TunnelBear VPN running on your device, you won’t need to think twice before connecting to a public Wi-Fi. The 128bit OpenVPN connection will make sure that your traffic isn’t intercepted by those who’ve got nothing better to do in life. The protection isn’t as strong as a 256bit encryption, but unless you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in close proximity of an expert hacker, you should be just fine.

Data Logging Policy

TunnelBear does not violate your privacy, period. It is clearly mentioned in its privacy policy that no personally identifiable information of the users would be recorded, and it stays true to its word. The two things that do get logged are the number of times you connect to their server and the amount of bandwidth consumption.


Who doesn’t love speed? It’s a good thing that the brains behind TunnelBear for Android understand what the users want and keep the speed as well as bandwidth unlimited on their service. The app is great for online streaming and even downloading. When using a decent Internet, you’ll easily get a download speed of 30.1mb/s and upload speed of 3mb. Of course, this varies from region to region.

Installation Process

Even if your technical knowledge is not your strongest trait, you’re unlikely to face any real challenge while installing TunnelBear on your Android device. The whole process is fairly simple. Furthermore, the app comes pre-configured, thus saving you from the trouble of navigating a series of complex options.

Server Location

The app has its VPN servers located in several countries, namely Us, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. You can switch your virtual location to access sites and content that may be blocked in your country or available only in a particular region.

Provider Profile

TunnelBear for Android has been around for quite some time now, catering to the VPN needs of PC users. The provider managed to earn itself a decent platform on the initial platform before turning to the mobile platform. Android users seem to have given their approval to TunnelBear as well, with the app having been downloaded over one million times.

Customer Support

To help you enjoy a smooth and hiccup-free VPN experience, the TunnelBear team offers customer support through live chat, only during business hours, as well as email support, available 24/7. If you want to troubleshoot a problem even faster, visit the company’s website and go through the FAQs section. If you’re lucky, the solution to your query would already be present there.

TunnelBear for Android Price

Depending on your needs, you can choose from three different VPN plans, namely Little, Giant and Grizzly. The Little plan comes with a 500mb bandwidth, whereas the Giant and Grizzly plan offers unlimited bandwidth at $4.99 (per month) and $49.99 (per year) respectively. To enjoy the full features of the app, you will need to upgrade to either of the paid versions.

TunnelBear for Android is nothing short of impressive, giving you very little reason to walk away. The lack of customization options may be a bit of a turn-off for a few, but for most users, it is an ideal Internet security, privacy and freedom solution. Upgrading to the paid plan will definitely provide you with value for your money.

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