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Turbo Downloader: A Decent Download Manager for Android

The Turbo Downloader app for Android from Point Blank is a nifty tool that offers a range of features for absolutely no fee. It has stellar speed and can download a plethora of formats. It fails in customer support and visual appeal. It delivers the download acceleration that it promises, but some still find it slower than its contemporaries depending on the phone and Android version that they are using. Let learn more about this app in our Turbo Downloader Android review.

Audio and Video Grabbing

The app is exceptionally useful in grabbing audio and video files of all formats. It generally doesn’t have much of a problem when trying to get these files, the only issue that a user may face is that some incomplete downloads are lost. This problem is not uniformly found on all versions of Android that are supported, it could occur in some and not in others.

Website Grabbing

Turbo Downloader only uses direct links from different servers to download the files that are required. Any websites that require login information cannot be processed through it. This is actually an interesting limitation because it proves that the website does not break security and privacy protocols.

The one thing that it does lack is the fact that it won’t work with YouTube. Anyone who uses the platform knows the number of videos that they absolutely fall in love with. So it’s a bit disappointing that a license agreement couldn’t be worked out with Google for the app. Apart from that the speed and efficiency with which it performs website grabbing gets an A+.

Queue Processing

If you have too much going on you can actually use the app to queue different files for processing very easily. Paste all your download links to the app’s list and let it work its magic. If you need your bandwidth for something else, you can even pause and resume your downloads later without having to worry about them starting from the top each time.

Pause and Resume Downloads

The ability to pause and resume a download is available for both a file or an entire queue of downloads. Depending on what you need to do and perhaps the limitations of your data plan, you can adjust this option. A slight issue that has been observed on some phones/Android versions is that files that are not yet completely downloaded disappear into thin air. This isn’t a widespread or frequent issue; however, the glitch needs to be fixed.

Impose Speed Restriction

The one thing that stands out for this app is its ability to multiply your speed by over five times its original speed. You can actually play around with the speed settings by modifying the buffer size. The app delivers stellar results so if you’re in a hurry or just don’t like waiting, this would be a great option for you.

Integration with Browsers

The app can easily work with a range of browsers so you can take your pick of the lot. It supports Android stock browser, Dolphin HD, Firefox, Skyfire, UC, Boat and Miren, which more or less cover all the major browsers that you’d ever be using. It’s surprising that it doesn’t include Chrome in its list though, since so many people use it.

Download Acceleration (Multipart Download)

Multiple parallel downloads are a reality because of this app. It can actually accelerate the speed of the download while parallel download streams are running. You can initiate up to ten parallel streams at a time.

Supported File Size

The one thing that the app gets right is that it does not try to limit or restrict downloads by file size. So you don’t have to worry about how large a file is; as long as you want it downloaded, the app can most likely handle it.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided and can be acquired by emailing sup.okysoftware@gmail.com. The only problem is that the process itself can take a bit of time depending on how fast the customer support representatives respond. There is no 24/7 support available.


The app requires Android versions 2.3 and above. It does not work on any older versions.


The app is available absolutely free on the Play Store.

Installation Guide

You can learn how to setup Turbo Downloader in our comprehensive guide.

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