stop autoplay videos on Facebook and Twitter

Here’s the Guide to Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook and Twitter

We know how frustrating it can be to come across autoplay videos on our social media feeds. Imagine browsing your Facebook newsfeed at work and suddenly a video pops on the feed and starts playing it automatically. If you haven’t tucked any headphones on your ears, then the blaring sound coming from the video can be annoying for the other employees sitting beside you. You may also end up getting caught on using Facebook during office hours. Same goes for Twitter autoplay videos.

Since you’re already aware that both Facebook and Twitter have turned on this setting by default to get a higher number of views for publishers and advertisers alike. However, it can be pretty much annoying for the users especially if they’re sitting in a crowded place or within the confines of their workspace.

To save yourself from this downright annoyance, it’s time you should learn how to turn off the autoplay videos on both Facebook and Twitter. All it takes is less a minute to turn off the feature on their apps and sites alike.

With the help of the following guide, you can turn off autoplay feature on both the social networking platforms.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook

For Desktop

The first step would be to open the Facebook site and log in with your credentials. Once you’re signed I, click the downward icon present in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen and select ‘Settings’ which appears just above ‘Log out’. After landing on the Settings page, click ‘Videos’ from the menu shown on the far left of the screen. Video Settings will appear in front of the screen. You’ll see that the settings for auto-play videos have been set as ‘Default’. Therefore, you need to switch the settings by turning them ‘Off’.

For Mobile (Android)

Open the Facebook app and tap the three lines icon on the upper right-hand corner of the mobile screen. Scroll down and tap ‘App Settings’. Here you will select Autoplay and then from the given options you need to tick ‘Never Autoplay Videos’. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Twitter

For Desktop

Open Twitter’s site and log in with your details. On clicking your avatar (profile picture), a drop-down menu will be shown to you. Here, you will select ‘Settings and privacy’. Scroll down the page a little and select ‘Accessibility’ which is present at the very bottom of the column present on the left. Uncheck the ‘Video autoplay’ and then you’re good to go.

For Mobile (Android and iOS)

In the Twitter app, tap your avatar shown in the upper left-hand corner and then follow the same steps. Select ‘Never’ while switching the settings for Video autoplay. The same guide can be followed on both Android and iOS devices.

By turning off autoplay videos on these social media platforms, you do not need to get disturbed by their sudden appearance on your newsfeed. We hope this guide has been helpful for you.


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