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How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Smartphone

Android smartphones have this problem where they automatically switch to safe mode and don’t turn back to normal no matter what you do. That does not happen without reason, but it is quite annoying. Fortunately, there are a few ways to turn off safe mode, and we have outlined them down below.

Check Notifications Panel

Most Android smartphones come with an option to turn off safe mode in notifications panel. Check it out. If the option is there, then your problem would be solved instantaneously. Most people usually ignore their notification panel and keep on restarting their phone in a hope that the issue will be fixed automatically.

notificiation panel

Power Up with Volume Down Button

Powering up like normal wouldn’t work. You will need to start your smartphone by simultaneously holding the power and volume down button. Now this is not a guaranteed fix, but it has done the trick for a lot of people.

Removing Battery

If both of the aforementioned options are not resolving the problem, then you can try removing the battery, putting it back in, and then starting your phone. This must reboot your phone in a normal manner.

Hard Reset

If removing battery trick doesn’t work either, then your final option is to go for the hard reset. However, this will remove all data from your phone, so do backup everything you need before going through with this process. Hard Reset will switch your phone back to factory settings, which means anything that was halting the normal boot process would be gone as well. Your phone will go back to functioning like it was before, but as discussed above, all of your data would be deleted.

Hard Reset is usually the last option, and if that doesn’t work, then you better get your smartphone checked. If Hard Reset is not resolving the issue, then the problem behind endless safe mode would definitely be related to hardware. Taking it to a nearby repair shop would be your best bet.