Turn Your Phone into a Desktop With this New Invention

When you are on your own and want to check anything out, then smartphone is a great way to do it. However, when you are hanging out with a bunch of people, then showcasing pictures, videos, or messages to them can be quite a hassle. A tech company that goes by the name Arovia realized this problem and has introduced a new gadget called SPUD.

It basically is an umbrella type gadget, which when unfolded turns into a 720p screen with speakers. You can attach your smartphone to it and it will start to show each and everything you do on it.

If you open up a photo on your smartphone, it will show up on SPUD as well. Same is the case with everything else.

When you are done, you simply fold it back, and put it in your bag. The folded size is incredibly small and weighs just two pounds. This means that you can fit it anywhere and it doesn’t burden you at all.

The company behind this product has created some prototypes of SPUD, but they aren’t funded enough to create it on the massive scale. Due to this reason, they are selling these gadgets via Kickstarter and you can get your hands on one for $374.