Turn your home into a Wifi hotspot

Modern devices feature wireless connectivity, thus no more tangled wires and all such complications to interconnect devices or to Internet. When I bought my net-book, I used to connect it using the Ethernet cable to access Internet. Then like all of a sudden, one day, realization hit me, whats the point in  that I bought a net-book, when I am keeping in fixed on a table, since I need to connect to Internet and the only way in front of me is the good old Ethernet port. Anyways after that day I started thinking about ways to connect my pc to Internet using Wifi . My ADSL modem was a normal one, with out wireless connectivity ( my bad selecting in during the installation time of my Internet ). So i decided to go for a router. Well,  I E-bayed  and finally ended up finding one of the cheapest listing with a router for cost of some Rs. 900, featuring four Ethernet Ports and Wifi connectivity. The order didn’t took much days to deliver, and I opened it with much expectations. During that time I was using Linux Mint OS and thus the CD came along with the router was pretty useless. I had to configure the router via my Internet browser. Anyways after so lot of trials and errors and lot of Googling about WEP, WEP2 and so on I ended up connecting to the router. From that day I experience the life changing magic of Wifi, carrying my net-book around my home while walking. Sitting anywhere and everywhere in anyway I like, enjoying the wireless life. Other than that, the numerous parallel connections with my and my friends mobiles. Anyways, thats my story.

Tips While Make Your Home a WIFI Hotspot

1) Don’t leave your wifi in open mode (just the opposite of what am doing. But I live in a zone which lacks tech knowledge and there is no potential threat of other people using my network). The problem is that if your leave it unsecured , anyone can use it for anything and the blame may fall on you, being owner of router.

2) With most connections of this days being 1mb/sec + wifi will enables you to connect multiple devices with same speed. Think of brother using phone to chat, father using his laptop for office work and you using your system for your work. All the devices can be connected from one single net connection at decent speed and decent flexibility.

3) When using encryption, use WEP2 as it is more secure than WEP which can be easily hacked using backtrack and such softwares.

4) But it is fun to like let open wireless if there is no chance of any other person accessing your network, because it will like let you escape the hassles of typing out passphare and all stuff and gets you connected straightaway to net.

Connecting your router is simple process after buying the router. You need to give a power supply and give a data connection to the port. Now router will be connected to Internet. Now you need to enable incoming connections to the router. Either use the software disc you get along with, or find the router IP and paste it on address bar. Now you can go to router Admin panel and configure. Choose encryption patterns on your will, ssid and the passphare and you are ready to go. So I hope you will all enjoying surfing out in Wifi. And will surely get yourself a router if you are using a wifi enabled laptop and still stuck to ethernet .

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