Twitter introduces sharing of block list feature

Twitter Allows Sharing of Block Lists to Enhance User Experience

This feature is currently available to only a limited amount of users, but it will be released for everyone in the coming weeks.

Beginning Wednesday, Twitter is encouraging its users to share their block list with other people in the community to collectively block hateful groups, harassers, scammers and criminals. This feature is particularly useful for those users who get harassed from similar groups and individuals.

You have to follow certain steps to share your block list with others, which are explained below:

  1. Open your Twitter account and go to the “Blocked accounts” tab on Settings page.
  2. Open “advanced options” drop down menu and click on “Export your list”.
  3. Tick the users you want to share your block list with.

Twitter is trying hard to retain its users by enhancing their experience. Introducing this feature is a part of its long term strategy to keep the platform safe and enjoyable. It released blocked accounts settings last December, ensure that the accounts which are being blocked cannot access your profile. Then, there were some additional policy changes done in April, and now the micro-blogging platform has allowed the sharing of block lists.

According to a blog post, the company is also working on other users control feature, details of which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.