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Twitter Has Just Rolled Out the Night Mode for the Desktop

Have you been straining your eyes while tweeting throughout the night using the desktop version of Twitter? If yes, then here is some good news for your strained eyes. Just yesterday, Twitter has rolled out the Night Mode for the desktop platform, putting forth the eye-strain saving aesthetic for the PC users. This feature was already available on Twitter’s mobile app and have been launched for the desktop now.

So, how does the Night Mode actually work? When a user switches to the Night Mode, the usual Twitter web page background changes its color from white to a deep, midnight blue. Similarly, the text color also changes from black to white, becoming visible against the dark background. Basically, the entire Twitter web page adopts a darkened theme with other subtle color changes.

It’s really simple to get the Night Mode activated on your desktop or laptop. Sign in to Twitter you’re your credentials. Click your avatar (profile photo) which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the main page. From the drop-down menu, you will select ‘Night Mode’ at the bottom, which can be seen just right under ‘Log out’, and then voila! The entire color scheme of your Twitter web page transforms into a darkened theme.

If you wish to turn off the Night Mode then all you need to do is simply select the Night Mode option again from the drop-down menu and you will return to the original, glaring white background theme.

The Night Mode really works for users who mostly use Twitter from their desktop or laptops, spending their entire day in front of the computer. Even if you’re working at night and want to spend some time on Twitter, the glaring white background can surely put a strain on your eyes. Therefore, if you’d like to put your eyes at ease, then opting to Night Mode should be a savior for you.

Let’s hope Twitter continues to bring more major updates for the betterment of its users.

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