Twitter offers a seamless video streaming experience with autoplay feature

Twitter Now Autoplays Video, GIFs and Vines by Default

This feature is currently available for Windows and iOS, whereas the Android version will would be arriving soon.

Following in the footsteps of major rivals Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has come up with an autoplay video, GIFs and Vines feature for its timeline by default. From now on, every video you come across on your timeline will automatically start to play, but in mute mode. You can click on the video to watch it in full screen with sound.

This feature may take a toll on the otherwise seamless micro-blogging experience, but it is introduced just to make sure that users do not miss out on any interesting video.

Fortunately, users can opt out by just scrolling down and not clicking on any video. Also, Twitter will automatically disable the feature, but only if user is accessing the account on internet with lower bandwidth.

Another positive thing is the change of video format. According to the Twitter blog post, all the videos will be shown in larger format as Twitter community loved this feature during the testing phase.


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