Twitter set to launch Project Lightning

Twitter Ready to Launch Human-Curated News Service

This initiative will help the Twitter users to receive updates about upcoming events and news.

Twitter is planning to launch Project Lightning, a program that will help users to get tweets, vines and much more about the upcoming events and news at a single platform, instead of going through several blogs and pages.

From now onwards, there will be a button right in centre of Home row on iPhone and Androids. This button will open a new screen displaying tweets about different events posted by people. These tweets can be about pre-planned events like any sports contests, Oscars etc. or they may also contain breaking news like earthquake, flood warnings etc.

You may click on the relevant event for getting access to tweets, photos, vines and videos scanned and selected by Twitter team under the supervision of Katie Jacobs Stanton, who is in charge of global media operations for Twitter.

These tweets will not be added to the timeline of users by default, but you can direct tweets related to any specific event to your timeline by “following” that particular event.

Another interesting thing about this new feature is that it is also available for those people who are not logged into Twitter, which means that you can remain updated about recent happenings and upcoming events even if you do not want to become its active user.

Rumors are that Twitter contacted several media companies to contribute content for this new feature.

It seems that Twitter has finally realized that its survival is based on news-curation and not just on social media activities as a large number of people do not really interact with each other on this platform. Instead, they use it to get information about events and global news.


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