Twitter Testing Live Sports Setup For Wimbledon

Twitter has been doing pretty good, but not as good as it wants to do. There’s no significant increase in the number of users and that has started to bother people at the social networking platform. In an effort to attract more people, they are now testing live sports setup for the upcoming tennis open tournament, Wimbledon.

One of the investors of Twitter, Chris Sacca shared some details about the live setup where he revealed that it will include play-by-play commentary and will have exclusive interviews. Furthermore, the tweets with hashtag @Wimbledon will also be shared with the viewers.

In its testing phase, this live sports setup is only being used by a certain number of users, but if it proves to be a success, then Twitter may use this live platform to stream other sports as well.

There are a lot of sports fans out there and if Twitter manages to get attention of half of them, they will surely see some serious rise in their numbers.


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