Twitter User Profile Ads

Twitter Testing Targeted Ads on User Profiles

The microblogging website is testing the inclusion of adverts in user profiles on web and mobile version only.

If you are seeing ads in your Twitter stream, do not worry about your device being infected by some kind of an adware.

The popular social media platform is simply experimenting a little with the adverts by putting them into the Twitter streams of a limited number of users.

These targeted ads, or rather promoted tweets, used to come in search results and Twitter timeline in the past, but they will now be displayed on user profiles as well.

The promoted tweets are separated from routine tweets with the help of a bumper. A note saying “suggested by Twitter” will also be there.

For unknown reasons, the new testing phase is limited to only unverified profiles, something that is likely to make verified users breathe a sigh of relief.

Furthermore, since the ads are of targeting nature, they will only appear on streams of users that are currently logged in.

Since the initiative is still in its testing phase, there is a strong likelihood that not all Twitter users are coming across these ads. It isn’t until Twitter makes up its mind on whether to make it a permanent part of its advertisement and hence revenue-generating plan that its visible and effects would spread across the entire social network.

Of course, users irked by targeted ads are not going to find this new change pleasant. However, they may eventually have swallow the bitter pill as it’s a very small price to pay for a service that is not just great, but totally free as well.