Twitter to Lay Off Employees Next Week

Twitter to Lay Off its Employees Next Week: Report

It seems that things are about to get pretty ugly at Twitter.

According to a report that has just come out, Twitter is planning to lay off some of its employees in the coming week. The interim CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, who became permanent last week, is not wasting any time getting started.

The report claims that it has heard from several sources inside Twitter that a companywide layoff will take place next week. The insider also revealed that most of the departments will get affected. However, it is still unclear how many of the employees will be targeted.

Twitter is in the process of restructuring its engineering department and it is very likely that most of the casualties of this layoff will include engineers.

It’s no secret that the growth of Twitter has slowed down a lot lately and it is really finding it difficult to stay afloat in the market. Also, the stock price of the popular social network is in continuous decline. In this situation, the layoffs were very much on the cards.

It all makes sense, but do note that all of this based on a rumor. So until an official reveal of the layoffs is made by Twitter itself, you should take the content of this story with a grain of salt.


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