Twitter's Brain Drain Continues as Senior Engineering Director Leaves for Uber

Twitter’s Senior Engineering Director Joins Uber

After spending a lot of time with the tech giant, Akash Garg is looking for some new challenges.

Twitter is not having the best of time as of late. Their growth has stagnated, their stocks are going down, there’s no permanent CEO, and to make things even worse, their senior engineering director Akash Garg has left.

He made the announcement of his departure on his Twitter profile where he revealed that he will be heading to Uber, where he will be in charge of mobile and web platform teams.

Garg has been with Twitter for quite some as he headed a number of projects for the company and contributed to increasing the growth of the users. As of now, there are over 300 million active users per month.

The continuous brain drain from Twitter is really affecting the company’s performance as their user growth has stalled, and the interim CEO Jack Dorsey is not happy about it at all. This of course is having an impact on the morale of the employees and it could very well be the reason behind so many recent departures.


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