Understanding the Need for Online Reputation Management

For businesses and companies, reputation is everything – it affects the number of calls, leads, and the amount of profit a firm makes. Building reputation a few decades back was not difficult, but in the age of modern technology and the Internet, it has become much more troublesome.


If you have just established your company and you are looking for bright and good news right away, then nothing beats good reputation. However, such quality is hard to come by these days, especially in the midst of competition. More often than not, it is these competitors whom you should worry about rather than your target audience. This is because there are some firms which use the internet to instill bad reputation to their competitors. If you want to protect your company from such activities, you should get reputation management.

There are two main kinds of reputation management:

Proactive – This type of reputation management is for personalities and businesses who want to maintain their good reputation through press releases, newsletters, forums and other articles.
Reactive – On the other hand, a reactive type deals with a negative issue and seeks to resolve it through reputation management processes and tasks.

Depending on your current situation, you may use the proactive stance or the reactive stance for your reputation management campaign. And once you start this project, it should never stop.

Now that you know why you need reputation management, here are some of the steps how this campaign is conducted.

Monitoring of discussion threads and forums – It is difficult to monitor everything posted on the Web, especially in threads and forums. In this case, you better get the service of a professional or firm that can keep track of these websites.
Dealing directly with complainers – Once your reputation managers found someone who does not speak well about your firm, you should deal directly with that particular individual. Negotiations should take place, rather than confrontations.
Resolve the issue in a courteous and proper manner – Make amends with the individual and settle any issues which make him complain about you and your services. During this process, make sure to keep your calm and resolve the issue courteously. Remember that in such situations, consider the fact that you do not have the upper hand.
Ask the person to post an update – Once the problem is resolved, you may politely ask the individual to post a feedback about the issue he experienced with your company. He can include that you have settled the issue carefully and provided what he needs.

It is difficult to bear whenever someone tries to mess up the image of your business, which you have painstakingly maintained clean for years. Such situations often cannot be avoided once they are there, so you better be prepared with your online reputation management.

There are various firms across the Internet that offer such services and assistance to personalities, groups, organizations and businesses. You just have to choose which one would best cover and protect your reputation from your competitors or former employees.

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