bypass fortiguard web filtering

Unlock, Hack or Bypass Fortiguard Web Filtering using OpenVPN

Fortiguard is a web Filtering software used to prevent access to unwanted sites, mainly you can see this web filter in schools , college’s or even your office. Unlike other web filtering softwares Fortiguard comes with a Hardware part which makes the network Bypassing more Difficult. They update their software Often and thus it become more difficult to bypass Fortiguard web filtering everytime.

bypass fortiguard web filter

At Schools and Colleges the Fortiguard Web Filtering is mainly used to prevent access to Websites like Facebook ,Youtube or any other websites that can use lots of bandwith from user. Earlier some of the VPN softwares like UltraVPN , Hotspot ShieldYour – Freedom and FreeGate used to work well in bypassing fortinet/Fortiguard Web Filtering. But in Their latest update these Softwares are also blocked.

Now the Question is How To Unlock, Hack or Bypass Fortiguard Web Filtering ? Well, For now I am sharing only one method to bypass Fortiguard Filter using OpenVPN and will share more in my upcoming tutorials. Follow the below steps correctly :

How To Bypass Fortiguard Filter Using OpenVPN

1) Since OpenVPN site is already blocked after the new update, you will first need an initial net connect (use mobile GPRS connection) that has access to OpenVPN to download the OpenVPN software (For Windows | Mac) .

2) Now you need to Register a Free Private Tunnel VPN account.

privatetunnel signup

3) Now Install OpenVPN Software into your computer and Run the Program. You may now see OpenVPN icon on the system Tray. Right Click on the OpenVPN icon and click on “Connect to Open Vpn Private Tunnel“.

4) You will be now redirected to Private Tunnel OpenVPN Connect page. Type your Private Tunnel  Login username and password in the blank field and press Enter.

5) After Logging in choose “United Kingdom” and Click on “Connect” button as shown in figure below and soon you will be connected to Private Tunnel VPN. And now you can see the OpenVPN icon shows Green Color.

privatetunnel server - connect button

6) Now restart your computer/Disconnect your Mobile GPRS connection which you were using till now. And connect your computer to your Wifi/internet connection containing Fortiguard Filter.

7) Right Click on OpenVPN system Tray icon and click on “Connect” and you are done 🙂

Now the challenging part is though we are able to access Facebook and youtube using OpenVPN we can only use it for a limited Bandwidth of 100Mb. After that either you can buy Private Tunnel 50Gb bandwidth for 12$ or you can create a free vpn account every time 100Mb gets over.

You can change your Private Tunnel account settings by logging in your account and also check your current bandwidth usage and change the server to which you want to connect your VPN to.

private tunnel bandwidth usage checking

There are many other available ways to Bypass Fortiguard web Filter for free such as by using BlueBox proxy addon for chrome, which can be used to surf any website on net but does not support cookies so it fails for sites like facebook that use cookies during authentication.





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